1. sicunder36's Avatar
    I love onenote for the unmatched inking (handwriting) and extensive organization and indexing, it's great for educational purposes. I own samsung note3 neo (cheaper note3 release with less resolution). I bought it solely for 2 reasons - wacom pen and evernote-snote integration. Though both these applications are great but they lack the inking abilities that onenote has. Though snote outperforms onenote in so many ways but it's limited to just mobile - pc suite is like a bad paintbrush. But more than that I am not a fan of android. The simple two screen display of my lumia 710 is just so easy to use.

    the kind of policy both Nokia and Microsoft are following these days - I can not morally support them by buying their products. They are too pro rich and elitist. It's the philosophy of samsung I have come to admire the most which released a cheaper version of it's flagship with much of the functionality and less of the battery consuming extras (resolution etc). It's probably the Korean way of saying power to the people :D.

    the rich can keep buying surface pro series while their children keep wasting their money on Xbox on lumia. the next phone I would like to upgrade to will be a windows phone based samsung note 4 neo. Or a windows based asus fone pad note series, the phone tablet convertible- I have always liked the philosophy of reducing the number of screens in ones life that asus is championing right now. Samsung flexible screen if can be made foldable too ( from pocket size to A4) that would be my dream come true.
    11-24-2014 03:19 AM
  2. Azurus's Avatar
    The surface pen for surface pro 3 is an amazing piece of hardware that I carry proudly everywhere I go. I think that Microsoft is finding it difficult to come up with such a good pen in a form of a stylus for their windows phones. I still hope that Microsoft would add support to their surface pens on their mobile platform as a part of ther "unified experience "
    11-24-2014 04:43 PM

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