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    I’m a WindowsCentral member and I’m also an enthusiastic supporter and user of Windows Phone, more specifically the owner of a Lumia 1520. I am also a current college student studying User Interface/User Experience design.

    For my final project of my college career, I am developing a digital mockup of a universal app for the current line of Microsoft Devices. I chose to focus on the Microsoft platform because everyone else in my class is focusing only on iOS and Android development and I want to give Windows 10 some time to shine.

    My proposal is this,

    A new Microsoft social fitness platform that spans across their current ecosystem of mobile and home devices as an universal app. Supports Xbox One, Windows 10, and Microsoft Band.

    Utilizing the Xbox Live network of over 50 million users, members can track their own fitness goals and also compete against their friends’ stats to earn achievements. Achievements are awarded for completing certain activities that boosts gamerscore and unlocks rewards. Weekly timed challenges are completed by the community and will bring their own set of incentives, for example, cosmetic items for their Xbox Avatar.

    Now for why I am here.

    I would like any thoughts or opinions about my proposal.

    Is this an app you would like to see? What features would you like to be included? How important is it to have a reward system implemented? Etc.

    Thank you for your time and I hope I can get some great suggestions!
    01-24-2015 04:48 PM

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