02-12-2015 10:10 AM
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    That was a long post man but I read it all just in case there would be a "pop" quiz at the end. Bottom line to it all though, I think they at Snapchat should extend the love for a popular app with the people they claim to serve.

    Even if they don't have those resources, which btw I don't at all believe for a second, they should at least allow our devs to develop for the platform, as we have done, so we could participate with our friends on IOS and android. I'm not saying allow all developers on this platform go in, just allow the one we have. Hell he built the app and it works. They decided they would punish our kids with a Gestapo-like move to outright ban our accounts to the site entirely. Seriously?

    Now, I've never heard about any security issues from Windows Phone and snapchat as Window Phone is more secure than all of android. Only thing I got was they don't want to include users that own and prefer to use Windows Phone. I'm saying to snapchat, build for Windows Phone or don't build for any platform. This isolationist position and is the worse move of all for this startup. That is my point and my beef with isolationist developers like google and snapchat.

    So, dark roast on me. I'm a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf fan myself. :)
    02-11-2015 08:33 PM
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    I think what Snapchat really should have done, if they were smart, was to get the developer of 6snap to sign a non-disclosure agreement, give him the requirements of what they need Snapchat to be, give him their API (after non-disclosure signed, of course), and have him develop the official Snapchat in exchange for a small percentage of profits that the WP app generates without any actual up-front payment.

    I think this would have been an amicable agreement all around. Snapchat would not have spent resources, yet would have gained an audience on their own terms as if they had hired a team to handle it, without the expense of the team. Giving up a small percentage of profits that would have gone to a platform that they otherwise would have received nothing from would have been a win-win-win situation. Win for Rudy, Snapchat, and WP users.

    Of course, that would mean Rudy would have to agree. While I think he might, I can't speak for him.

    Perhaps instead of harping on Snapchat to get an app developed, perhaps someone could speak to Rudy to see if he would be willing to do this, then speak to Snapchat and offer this solution.

    Perhaps if someone can explain in a good way to the folks at Snapchat how that could impact their bottom line without hurting their bottom line, it might help the situation more than petitions.
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    02-11-2015 08:46 PM
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    OK, since this is all conjecture anyways, let me throw in my 2 (seriously, it's not even worth that much! ):

    From what I understand, Snapchat banned all 3rd party apps because of a security breach through a 3rd party app. This move did not affect only WP. Android (and I'm assuming iOS) also had 3rd party apps. They were blocked as well. The glaring difference is that WP has no official Snapchat app, effectively turning out the lights for WP users.

    I don't fault Snapchat for making the move. Security breaches are a hot topic these days, and companies must take drastic measures to address them, even if it's more blowing smoke to appease the public than anything. The general public is probably reassured by the report that Snapchat blocked all 3rd party apps, allowing only official ones.

    Why isn't Snapchat facilitating WP? They had nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing 3rd party devs to provide the service. That is, until the security breach took place. Maybe an app like 6snap would need to be upgraded to provide the necessary security measures, but to do it would be too much effort for the value.

    I don't know why Snapchat would have anything against WP. I can understand if the reason that Google doesn't provide apps is for the sole purpose of crippling the platform, since Microsoft and Google are direct competitors. But Snapchat is competing with no platform. In fact, their very existence is reliant on them. The more users they acquire, the better. It shouldn't make them any difference whether the users come from iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Tizen, WebOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish, NewCoolMobilePlatform2015, or any other mobile OS.

    So why isn't Snapchat facilitation WP? In my mind, it boils down to lack of ROI. I believe Snapchat is doing what they feel is the best for the bottom line. Remember, we're all armchair CEOs!
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    02-11-2015 09:24 PM
  4. rhapdog's Avatar
    tgp, while I agree with what you're saying about ROI, and have even said it myself, I think the solution I gave in my previous post (the one immediately above yours) outlines a solution where Snapchat WOULD have a beneficial ROI. (For those of you following that get confused by acronyms, that's Return On Investment, ROI.)

    Snapchat should reach out and talk to our 6snap creator to create the official app that would satisfy all requirements, using the terms I mentioned in my post above. With no investment other than a short talk and a signed contract, they have a lot to gain with nothing to lose. It would not make sense to do otherwise if Rudy would agree to such a solution. The only reason not to do so is if they have signed some sort of underhanded deal with Apple and/or Google to try to squeeze out WP.
    02-12-2015 10:10 AM
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