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    Been using the Lumia 5 camera for the last few days and I'm pretty surprised how terrible the quality of the photos are.

    MS has decided to go with a jpeg algorithm that over saturates images with apparent, aggressive noise reduction. Images appear very unrealistic and very similar to Samsung's photos on older galaxy phones. Colors are sadly cartoon like and faces are smeared with noise reduction.

    When using the flash adjustments with rich capture the final images are mainly unusable for portraits. Disabling rich capture does improve flash portraits but not by much.

    HDR mode is worse (meaning over saturated and unrealistic) than a Note 3. Samsung and Apple realized people want realistic HDR and adjusted their cam apps to produce that. The S5 and Note4 and iPhone 6 produce fantastic HDR shots which are realistic and usable with portraits. Lumia cam 5 is not.

    So, I compared this to the classic camera and the results are not even close. Why did MS ruin the fantastic quality and balance of Lumia photos by making this travesty of an app.

    To be fair the 4k video and moments are fantastic.

    I wish I could post some photos from the mobile app to compare shots between new vs classic.

    Anyone else who takes photography seriously notice this?

    Come on MS bring back the same jpeg processing. Please!
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