1. Vishal Kaushal's Avatar
    Since 6tag has been updated with new features i finally decided to download it. The app is great in terms of feature and usage which lack in the official app and is way better than it.
    But the main thing for which i use instagram is 'filters', and there are signature filters of instagram which seem to be not the same in 6tag.They are darker in 6tag( and i already tried the filter strength but it couldn't reproduce the official app result). Try using the same filter through both apps and you'll notice the difference.
    The filters of official though limited, are way better than 6tag.
    PS: The contrast function also doesn't work the same in both apps.( better in official one)
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    02-27-2015 12:50 AM
  2. anon8959613's Avatar
    That is true indeed.
    Thats why im still sticking to the official Instagram even though its forever in beta.
    02-27-2015 01:56 AM
  3. anon(5445874)'s Avatar
    Use the filters in Photoshop Express, they're pretty awesome. I recommend you buy the extra packs, it's worth it.
    02-27-2015 01:58 AM

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