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    What you suggest is probably the end game for the average person for MS, Google and Apple.

    The technology just isn't there yet
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    I'm not technology expert by any stretch of imagination, but I think it would be far more difficult than simply miracast, especially if you are talking about gpu boosters, second cpu etc.

    I think in the very near future, the vision that your phone can also act as your pc or tablet is very feasible and honestly, for most people, that probably would be good enough. Simply have a dock at your desk and have a tablet/laptop dock like the padphone for on the go when you need a bigger screen.

    padphone ASUS Padfone X review: A phone to replace your tablet? Not quite.

    What I would like to see as finger print/face recognition/retina scan capabilities become more prevalent is when you get home, your "home hub" immediately detects your presence, let's say, through your phone when it connects to your home network. As you are detected as being home through your phone, other devices connected to your "home hub" device allows you to freely transition from your phone, to your tablet, to a pc and to your tv and to whatever other connected device that is "home hub" compatible. Want to watch something on your tv that you were watching on your tablet? You simply "flick it" to your tv and when you walk into your living room, your kinect sensor or whatever immediately detects your presence and what you "flicked" to your tv from you tablet automatically appears. Want to see a recipe on your "smart fridge or stove" or simply "flick it" from wherever.

    That's the kind of stuff I would like to see, but I don't think we are just there yet software and technology wise.

    I guess I don't necessarily want one device that does everything. I want a range of devices that work in unison and with zero transitional interruption.
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