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    I'm having a hard time deciding which of these is the best phone to hold onto until the flagship comes, and I want to get a discussion going and hear some opinions. Essentially the 830 is the "Safe, secure, but insecure beauty", the 930/ICON is the "Dangerous, risky powerhouse" and the 1520 is the "risky powerhouse with some beauty".... Here's why

    The 1520 has everything you can possibly get out of windows phone. Full HD display with clearblack, top notch camera, glance, LTE+MMS in the U.S, etc. All while still being slim and beautiful, with a simplistic and sturdy design. That's the "power house with some beauty". Now here's the "risky". Unlike the other two competitors the 1520 has a particularly sensitive display that can be bent easily and can also be damaged easily from drops and pressure. These things can cause "ghost taps", LCD spots, or if even from a small drop, a cracked display... Now while a cracked display is completely the users fault and can be prevented with a good case, and LCD spots would require some work to cause, the first one, ghost taps which have the potential to COMPLETELY RUIN a phones experience can occur from just moderate/average use, and to top it all of.. Nokia Lumia 1520's are no longer sold new, and ones that are still in warranty are either hard to find or approaching the end of this period, which mean if any of these issues accumulate , you are on your own, as a Microsoft store either won't help you with your ghost tap infected 1520 or will only be able to replace it with a 830 or m8.

    Now to the 930/ICON. The 930 just like the 1520 has all the great Lumia bells and whistles with just a few exceptions... Glance, and micro SD. Also to top it all off, LTE will be nearly impossible to get unless on Verizon with the ICON and you won't get MMS at all. Lastly the 930 has an edge with shorter battery life, but the sharpest windows phone display to date along with an AMOLED display that combined with clearblack makes some of the best blacks ever! Those things together make a flawed "powerhouse".. Now onto the "risk and danger". The 930 has two main issues. These include according to most include poor battery life, and heat issues. The first can easily be fixed by getting a portable powerbank, while the second is just unavoidable unless your one of the few who aren't effected. These heat issues not only are reported to make the phone very uncomfortable to use, but can indeed later on lead to screen burn spots, which will leave you with an ugly green spot on your screen that is most visible over a white background. This combined with issues mentioned earlier, and the warranty/support dillema mentioned earlier with the 1520 make this phone "risky and dangerous" to purchase and try to stick with for coming months.

    Lastly is the Nokia Lumia 830. This phone of course has it's defective units here and there, but the difference is this device is NO WHERE near being old, meaning this device not only is still sold new but you will have a fresh warranty available to you, and people who buy one used should also have one as the device is not even been out for a year. Also none of the defects seen among these threads seem to compare to what is seen plaguing the 1520 and 930, and even if they did... " Hey! It's in OEM warranty". These things are what make up the 830's "safe and secure" label. The problem with the 830 being the best device to hold onto until the flagship is what I described as its "insecurity". The device specs have simply made it less than solid. Not necessarily saying that Microsoft made a bad midrange device but more so the fact that this is a midrange phone period. The 830 has all the Lumia polish with a few exceptions. No "hey Cortana", only a single led flash, lesser megapixel than the formally non-affordable flagships, a clearblack screen that doesn't exactly give the deepest blacks, and probably more things than I can think of right now, all making the 830 a midrange device, which will hurt people who want the best windows phone available but don't want to be trapped with a defective or buggy device that has no solution, or even replacements. So the powerhouses with risky bugs that you may end up stuck with? Or the safe and beautiful, but less than powerful device that you'll will very much be safe with for the next year or so, when the flagship is said to be just some months away. (Fall starts in September, which is when they are SPECULATED/RUMOURED to come).

    People want to have the latest and greatest, but when the greatest aren't the latest, and the latest aren't the greatest, what do you do?
    05-25-2015 12:12 AM
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    i had all of the three... still own the 1520 and love it the best WP no doubt. the 930 its a great phone but battery should have been better and an sd card would be wellcome, oohh and i missed glance too. other than that great device magic display. the 830, oh well i think its beautiful very pleasant to hold and a nice camera... thats it. should have a better processor sd 400 its just short.
    05-25-2015 05:54 AM

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