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    It's been a while I have be locking for a new phone, and finally, the right chose was both Lumia 730 or 830. So I begin looking for those devices in retailers and carriers stores. BestBuy have been around in Mexico for a while now, but their Windows Phone catalloge is really bad: They just have right now the Lumia 530 and the Lumia 635, only those, nothing else.
    Then, I go to my carrier store (Telcel), and, what about surprise, they just have the mentioned before plus the Lumia 1030 and the newer Lumia 535. Only those, I ask if they did not have more Windows Phone models in stock and they say to me "Nope Boy, those are the only ones we have". So I feel dissapointed about it and then I go to the magical Internet and find the devices I wanted.
    I find some options, but the devices are from the United States, so, the Wireless bands were not the same in the case of LTE, so, those devices where just going to use 3G at max; It was a Nope.
    So I returned to BestBuy and ask directly if they did not have plans to get more devices, and they told me that those devices were not popular at all, so they didn't care that much to get more. What a dissapointment.
    Then again, I go around in BestBuy and look that they only have a poor Surface Pro 1 with the Stand broken in exibit, and that's the only one they are selling with outlet price, also, a couple more of Windows Tablets like the Toshiba Encore and with the same fate. There is no Surface Pro 2 neither Pro 3. There are no more Windows Tablet but some by some OEMs that I didn't even hear before and some HP Stream 7, and recently, the Lenovo Yoga 2 8" with AnyPen. But there is it, that's all and that's all in the Little Windows Boot for Phones and Tablets (there is also a large stand for Laptops and PCs, but that's other tale).
    Why Microsoft is failing so hard in this? Why is this happening? I really want to buy a newer Windows Phone, but I really want an upgrade from my Lumia 625, not a "sidegrade". I also want to buy a Windows Tablet, but the choices are really really bad.
    And why, I don't get how the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and the iPhone 6/6+ are selling like hot pancakes and all other Smartphones, but those persons are not going to buy a Lumia 635 or a Lumia 1030 because people still thinks Lumia phones are garbage because they only see the 530 in retailers stores (or didn't even see those).

    I feel bad about it, because I need to wait for some other device to arrive to Mexico and wait if it it's not another super low-end Lumia phone.
    05-30-2015 06:45 PM

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