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    We all agree that Windows Phone hasn't been properly marketed, and has faced numerous barriers in North America, none worse than carrier exclusivity and unhelpful sales reps at carrier stores. At least we are in a position to educate those around us in our daily lives.

    I received a surprising and delightful text from my friend earlier today. He went in to Rogers (our evil Canadian carrier) and switched his Galaxy S4 for a Lumia 830 (all we have in Canada). I never went out of my way to sell him on Windows Phone, and wasn't aware that he was going to do this.

    His S4 received the Android Lollipop update a couple weeks ago and immediately developed text message problems in addition to decreased battery life. Rogers gave him a new sim card, and tried a factory reset, and the problem still persisted (sms would cease functioning after a few hours and require a reboot, receive a pile of backlogged texts after reboot, then stop sending / receiving again a short while later).

    Being familiar with how well Windows Phone works on my phone, combined with him being fed-up with Lollipop, he made the switch. His previous Android (HTC EVO 3D) had eventually driven him crazy with freezing problems, but the store rep talked him into an S4. I hope that he'll have a happy and problem free experience with the 830.

    I can't imagine that the 830 has sold well in Canada (no marketing, over priced, none of us 920 / ATIV S owners want to side-grade) despite being the first Lumia on the big 3 carriers, but at least Microsoft Mobile gained a new customer today.
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    06-03-2015 11:39 PM
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    I have gotten at least a dozen people on everything from the 635 to the 1520. They all love them. If only the stores would push them a bit, they could sell a lot more of the high end ones at least. Maybe Microsoft should take a hit on hardware profits near the top end like they did on the Xbox 360 for years... it got them the market by doing so.

    * Now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb. *
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    06-03-2015 11:41 PM

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