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    So I recently changed mobile providers from AT&T to Cricket mobile, and I upgraded from a Lumia 920 to a Lumia 1520. When I went to reinstall my apps I noticed that Flickr Booth wasn't available on my new phone. I used this app heavily and I'm not pleased with the alternatives for WP8.1. I tried contacting the developer directly but the email was returned as undeliverable. Does anyone have any info as to why this app is no longer available?? TIA
    07-14-2015 06:17 PM
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    Moved to appropriate forum...

    As per this advice: http://forums.windowscentral.com/ask...ion-forum.html WC members are free to post in all areas of the board. Please use Ask a Question only for time critical help issues that affect the immediate functionality of your device.
    07-14-2015 10:48 PM

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