1. bo_woods's Avatar
    I have only used the 830 briefly in Microsoft stores, and have never gotten to use a 930, and have held an ICON for like two seconds b4 leaving an MS store lol...

    So how do the aesthetics of the 930 & 830 compare?

    Are the shades of aluminum different? Are they brushed/finished differently? Is there a difference in quality of the aluminum?

    People say the 930 backs "glow" and are very fluorescent... Does the same go for the 830's colors? Are the 830 backs as bright as the 930...

    Any other design, build, feel, aesthetic details would be appreciated... Very interested in which one is overall more premium...
    07-15-2015 01:56 PM
  2. bo_woods's Avatar
    Lol I guess no one else is in awe with the art of phone designs & aesthetics the way I am, while also having experience with the 930 & 830
    07-16-2015 01:10 PM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    My friend has an Icon, I've got myself an 830 (when its not in for repairs) although I never handled both at the same time.

    Both phones come with silver or dark grey aluminum I believe. The ATT 830 being darker and the Icon coming in both white and black models.

    I don't recall my friend's Icon's aluminum sides (siding) to be any different than the 830's.

    From what I can see the 930's and 830's backs are the same, at least in pictures. The bright green back i picked up for my 830 is absolutely radioactive.

    The 830 is slimmer I believe. I don't really think one is definitively "more premium" or not. My feeling is that its all under the hood.
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    07-16-2015 01:46 PM
  4. pankaj981's Avatar
    The 830 is slimmer and lighter but the 930 feels more solid because of it's weight. The orange shells on the 930 has a glow to it when compared to the 830 which has a shade of black on it, the green, black and white ones look more or less the same. The 930 does feel more premium due to its bulk and slightly blocky body but I prefer the 830. I've an 830 in silver and also owned an unlocked black RM-985 and played with an Icon. The aluminum feels more or less the same.
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    07-16-2015 01:50 PM

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