1. sarim_xyz's Avatar
    Hello all,

    I have been searching for a long time now and unable to find any working solution on how do I uninstall Visual Studio Professional 2013 Update 3. I also have the Update 4 installed in 'View Installed Updates'. The problem is

    - In the Control Panel > Programs and Features, there is no option to uninstall VS 2013 Update 3. The only option is 'Change'. Clicking it flashes the Visual Studio rectangle and then nothing happens.
    - I am able to launch uninstall in 'Installed Updates' for Update 4, but it gets stuck at the end while 'Configuring your system. This might take a while'. It is stuck there for hours.
    - I don't have the VS 2013 Update 3 web installer to do a force uninstall (as I read on forums) since everywhere I can find Update 4 or 5 only. I can't download the complete .iso due to slower internet speeds.

    Has anyone been able to actually make it work? Can someone provide me a link to download VS2013 update 3 web installer (x86) so I can do a force uninstall? Any help will be appreciated.
    07-21-2015 06:28 AM

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