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    My Windows 8.1 PC obviously came with Cyberlink PowerDVD 12 (as Windows 8 didn't come with a native DVD player preinstalled), and at first it worked fine. However, for a few months now (and before I joined the Insider Preview program), it won't play DVD's. It'll start, then it just sits there. There's no way to add folders to my Media Library either, as it won't respond. It's absolutely useless. However, this means I don't have any way to watch DVD's on my laptop. I've been looking for a replacement for PowerDVD 12.
    I tried VLC Media Player and it looked and felt nice but it wouldn't show up on Windows 10's AutoPlay nor could I play DVD's with it. The inserted DVD showed up nowhere in VLC Media Player either. I also tried GOM which wasn't as nice as VLC but if it worked I didn't care. Same problem: the DVD wouldn't show up and GOM wouldn't show up on Windows 10's AutoPlay. I need a replacement that can play any DVD format (although it'll probably be MPEG-2) that I throw at it and play it smoothly and quickly. I don't need a full media center, just a DVD player.
    Note: File Explorer recognizes the DVD and will read it, so it's not my DVD drive.
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