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    Phone batteries can sometimes be fickle. Sometimes, you'll get good usage out of it for several years, and sometimes you'll get one that last about a year before issues begin where it needs to be replaced. Much of it will depend on how you use the battery, or how you abuse it.

    I've just had to replace the battery on my Lumia 635 after a little over a year of usage on it. I was having to charge it 3 to 4 times per day. With my new replacement, I've been using the phone under the same circumstances. It's been off the charger for 10 hours now and is finally down to 78%. That's more like it. Why did mine give up the ghost so soon? Well, I've been rather abusive of it. I can explain about "how to care for your battery" in a different article, perhaps, if there is interest in that. Just let me know in replies if you'd like to know more.

    I'm getting just slightly better performance out of it than the battery that came with it. That's because I traded up. It came with an 1830mAh battery (mAh = milliamps/hour), and I purchased a 2150mAh battery of the same type to get a bit better performance out of it.

    You might be wondering, "what is mAh?" mAh stands for milliamps per hour, and it is the rating showing how long a battery will last. If your device draws 200mA and has a 1000mAh battery, then that means your device should last for 5 hours, because while the battery can handle lasting for 1 hour with a 1000mA drain, it will take 5 hours with a 200mA drain.

    Real life situation: A Lumia 635 is supposed to last 13 hours talk time with the included 1830mAh battery. Do the math, and that means that the Lumia 635 draws about 141mA load while talking. By upgrading the battery rating to a 2150mAh battery, I have increased the talk time to 15 hours.

    However, even though I was supposed to get 13 hours talk time on the 1830mAh battery, I was only getting about 3 hours at the time of replacement. Why is that? Lithium Ion batteries degrade over time. As they do, the mAh rating declines and gets smaller. That's why they last a shorter amount of time with the same charge as they get older. At the time I replaced the battery on my Lumia 635, I was getting a rating on that battery of just under 450mAh. That, obviously, is unacceptable.

    Getting a higher mAh rating, if possible, will also make the battery last longer over time as well, as it will take longer to degrade to a lower performance.

    You can usually trade up just a bit in mAh when getting a replacement, but be cautious when getting a non-OEM replacement. There are a lot of batteries on the market that will have marked better mAh rating when they are actually lower. A lot of the Lumia 635 replacement batteries on Amazon for instance will state 2150mAh, but are actually 1600mAh. Apparently, false mAh ratings are as rampant as fake SD cards in order to pad profits while ripping people off. Make sure what you get is from a seller with great reviews and the product itself is getting good reviews. If it hasn't been reviewed yet, you may want to pass on it.

    I certainly hope this helps someone else out there with questions on it.

    If you've got any battery questions, feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer.
    07-27-2015 04:57 PM

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