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    I was using the 10 preview, great stuff, but I had a problem with my LTE connection and that was more important so I decided to downgrade back to 8.1. I guess my first mistake was trusting microsft to do this properly, i used the windows phone recovery tool. It started the process then came up with a big FAILED message. Now i can't get past the red Nokia screen.

    i've tried the lumia recovery tool, using the phone will not boot option, it detects the phone (some times) says that it's a Nokia Icon RM-927 downloads the correct firmware and then the phone immediatly reboots and the reocvery software says that the firmware is not for the device.

    over the last day in all the research and digging i have confirmed that the product code and subsequent downloaded firmware is correct, i've tried using the Phone support tool and got the same message, i've even tried old school command line using thor2.exe. thor2 had a bypass product code check but apparently that requires some sort of authentication?? i'm stuck i need this phone. it's not life or death but any help is appreciated

    also holding down the power and volume down key at the same time does not make the phone vibrate. I can't get it to go into this mysterious exclamation mode is there anything else i can try?
    08-14-2015 09:13 AM

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