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    Just messing around with an idea I have had since the 1020 first hit years ago.

    Spec chase:
    1080p screen
    4gb ram
    1in 24MP (or 25MP) sensor
    USB C
    SoC - unknown (needs to be capable of 120fps 720p minimum)
    Digital Processor to offload cpu
    Lens - detachable, stock 30mm 1x zoom primary lens, interchangeable with other lens of different needs. The lens is fully changeable housing so these are not ring attachments but attachments designed like DSLR ones including the main primary lens.
    AF/MF capable lens attachments, 3 dots acting as both power and usb for attachable lens to provide both power and information to lens. As well lens to have own battery so as not to drain main battery.
    There is two physical spin dials at the top near the xenon flash, these are programmable to interact with the camera settings, iso, shutter, etc for old school feel. One acts as volume when not in camera mode.
    Xenox flash with led focus/flashlight flash.
    Status lights for flash and power.
    3200mah battery
    Front facing speakers
    4 highperformance mics

    Price would be 599 without lens kit, and $750 with 2 additional lens.

    The render is using simple textures for the camera lens, one from Leica and the other from the 1020 (haven't don't the internal lens for rendering purposes and this saves time).

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    08-20-2015 11:25 PM

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