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    Instead of receiving emails with attachments, I am getting emails with notices that pictures attached to the emails are blocked and I must download them in order to see them. If I try to forward the email and attachments, the pictures will not be forwarded with the email under these circumstances. I also received two .docx word documents as attachments that had the same issue i.e. being labeled as "internet pictures" and being blocked from view unless downloaded. Please help remedy this as when I am working on my phone, it is too cumbersome to have to first download and then attach a picture/document when all I want to do is forwarded the original email with viewable attachments. This only happens on Yahoo Mail app on phone and not on PC.

    SOLVED: Found under yahoo! mail settings (the three dots) scroll down and check "Always download full message and internet images"
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    08-21-2015 10:55 PM

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