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    Good morning everyone. Some of you may have seen me around the forums, although I've been gone for a few weeks due to...well, life.
    I am one of the unfortunate people who bought an amazing phone...but bought it from AT&T (not like I had all that much choice though, as Microsoft didn't have its glorious epiphany until afterwards...sigh). I mean, of course, the Nokia Lumia 830. It's a fantastic phone but it's not doing so hot on the software side.
    Well, actually it looks like it's been completely abandoned on the software side.
    What this means is I'm going to do the stupid thing and put my daily driver on the Windows 10 Insider Preview, but I do not want to start over anew.
    If I can figure out a way, I'll upgrade, hard reset, then recover, but if not I'll just upgrade and hope for the best. My questions are thus:
    1) Is there a way to force your phone to conduct a backup?
    2) What, exactly, does the backup...backup?
    3) An extension of the last question, will the backup also backup the applications I have installed, and reinstall them?
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