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    If we refer to a previous article on the upcoming 950, we find this description...

    Although I have personally seen internal documentation about both these phones, including images and specifications, I have also spoken to sources who have seen and examined Cityman aka Lumia 940/950 XL in person. Here are their thoughts:
    Don't two of these descriptions, found below, go against what we saw in the renders found here? Seems like most of it is consistent, EXCEPT the one mentioning the square handset. Alleged Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, Continuum dock smile for the camera | Windows Central
    •Looks like a combination of the Verizon Lumia 928 and Lumia 830 (camera housing)
    •Completely square handset
    Perhaps I'm missing something but I was searching through info on the 950 and this just seemed to stick out. Should we assume they just changed the design or perhaps these renders are less accurate than expected?
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    08-27-2015 11:33 PM
  2. Joe Dubya's Avatar
    Seeing that text again and it all makes sense - the XL does look a lot like an 830/928 mash up (the 950 perhaps a 928/920 mash up?)! I agree with you that the "completely square " statement doesn't fit (and his "renders" weeks before the leak showed a more square/edge-y phone), and they sure don't look that thin. Anyway, from what I've seen on Twitter from the people who should know (Thurott, Tom Warren) these renders are real - I'm thinking that maybe this image is not doing the phone justice - I'm waiting to see what they feel like in the hand before I pass judgement.
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    08-27-2015 11:49 PM
  3. david90531's Avatar
    Really hope the latest renders of the two phones is somewhat inaccurate, I like that point form description of the phone much better and even the earlier leaks had shown more promise.... I guess we just have to patiently wait for the real thing
    09-02-2015 01:49 PM
  4. Ian Too's Avatar
    Thanks for reminding me of these.

    I think it goes to explain some of the sense of disappointment at these devices' lack of élan. The 920 and even more so the 930, were downright elegant and these images simply don't have the impact that my initial exposure to the 930 had. That said, perhaps these devices do look better in the plastic. The picture of the device attached to the 'Munchkin' adaptor does look quite sexy.

    I had hoped that some of the sense of style would cross over from Nokia and the 640 made it seem that it had, but these are too fussy, with those camera humps and shiny rings. KISS Microsoft, KISS.

    Of course there's loads to find out before I part with my hard earned cash, including thinks like potential over-heating problems for Cityman and now we have an option thanks to Acer (Who'd have thought, Acer!) and perhaps others who might take the plunge.

    I'm approaching a mountain of overtime, so I want something to spend my money on come Christmas!
    09-02-2015 02:11 PM
  5. astondg's Avatar
    To me the renders from the original Windows Central article and those from Evan Blass are very similar. The major differences being that the latter have on-screen buttons and slightly more rounded corners. Aside from 4 corners when looking front on, the Evan Blass renders still look like quite a blocky phone with defined edges.

    It almost looks like the original WC renders are a drawing of the Evan Blass ones.

    The leaked image at the top of the second article looks somewhere in between the two, although it's an odd angle. I wouldn't give up hope.
    09-03-2015 12:30 AM
  6. Geebox's Avatar
    I would think the leaked speculation photo's would be more closer to what it would look like than Renders.
    see here on windows central. It wont let me post the link as this is my first post, but copy and paste this to see:
    09-04-2015 03:31 AM

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