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  1. chmun77's Avatar
    No. Even to date, I have been trying for stay with my 1520 for a week or so, but simply can't. The moment I start up the Facebook app, I feel like closing the app again. Is such a pain using the app.

    Wanted to catch movies / dramas on windows phone. Launched VLC, and it works like crap. Subtitles not loading, limited supports for video codecs as compared to MX Player on Android. Another pain in the **** experience.

    Next I launch NextGen reader to read about the news, the app is good, but the moment I start Internet Explorer, the pain is back. Slow rendering, and pages are appearing weird as compared to Google Chrome on my Note 4.

    All the freaking flipping animations in / out of apps are turning me off. When I landed on the Start screen, I have to wait for a split second for the animations to settle before I can apply any gesture actions on it. Live tiles are not that important to me because I will not wait for it to be flipped in order to see what's new. I will rather tap and launch the app. To me, tiles are just another form of shortcuts icons.

    Getting another Windows phone? Thanks but no thanks. Had enough of this OS since WP7. iPhone is my next platform to experience on. Icons are boring and stale for some, but at the very least, I can get better app selections and smoother user experiences.
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  2. slivy58's Avatar
    I'm on the fence with this one, nearly 3 years ago things were flowing smoothly and picking up pace yet this last year has gotten quite stale in my opinion, messy in fact. For me it comes down to a lack of premium hardware, software that is incomplete in that it does the job (somewhat) but in a roundabout way and some annoyances with the hardware/software that won't get resolved until the advent of WP10, a big maybe though.

    Sure there is "wait for it" coming down the pipe but how big is that pipe and when will it arrive, the longer the wait the further behind we get as I see it, not to mention that in all likelihood my latest WP (L830) will be borderline as to whether it benefits much from anything heron in, so much for flooding the market with low-end devices because surely the consumer won’t be the beneficiary here in the end.

    There is no doubt a whirlwind of activity around here w/MS and WP, but it’s exactly that, everything is in disarray, uncertain and incomplete, can’t count how many times stories have changed in regards to what phones will get what or when, and lest we not forget the Denim fiasco, far from convinced all carriers acted alone on that one. Oh yeah, PFD, WIP and betas abound like never before, does that sound like what the average user wants and will it entice the masses to flock into an ecosystem that is incomplete, unfinished and disorganized, I highly doubt it???
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  3. Tepid's Avatar
    Despite the minor flaws and even some lack of apps. I will be purchasing the Cityman 950XL.
    Windows Phones are still the best all around OS there is.
    Still far more fluid, more informational, better flow and easier access to everything I need.

    I have used family members iPhone and Android for short periods and tried assisting them with fixing things
    It's not a matter of not knowing where things are, it's a matter of where things are and how they are laid out.
    and Dead Icons are so ancient decades old look it's not even funny anymore.

    Win10 is very impressive even now. Can't wait till the next release.

    I will never own an Android, and over priced Apple Anything - iPhone will be a distant choice over other possibilities available.
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    08-31-2015 09:12 PM
  4. jhildy73's Avatar
    To be honest I got so SICK of android...I got tired of having to greenify apps because of certain apps draining my battery.I'm coming from a LG g2...the first few months I had it I EASILY got 2 days of battery life...This only last so long because the more apps I downloaded the worst my battery life got...This has been a issue with ALL my android phones and I have been using them since android came out..ALL my android phones would start to get sluggish as I installed more apps.I would install roms with different kernels but battery life would not be the same as the stock rom
    My first windows phone was a Nokia 900 ..i love I but there was this bug where the YouTube app would randomly pop up at anytime.i return it it and went back to android...
    2 years later I finally found the 640 from metro pcs for 30 freakin dollars and I fell in love...the battery life is amazing..the camera,the screen the speed all amazing for a phone that cheap..I can the brightness on 100% and still get 2 days of battery life...i LOVE the UI...so freakin sleek and smooth.. SO would I buy the next flagship?? No because i will never spend more than 200 dollars on a phone ...my next phone will probably be a 920 or 1020 in a few months when I want a upgrade and just keep the 640 as a backup.
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    08-31-2015 10:05 PM
  5. jhildy73's Avatar
    Seriously ? No.
    What is productive for you ? What do you use your phone for ?
    What do you mean by productive?? I actually can get wayyyy more done with windows phone because I son have to deal with the Insane amount of popups from google chrome...and yes they are very annoying.
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    08-31-2015 10:22 PM
  6. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    What do you mean by productive?? I actually can get wayyyy more done with windows phone because I son have to deal with the Insane amount of popups from google chrome...and yes they are very annoying.
    If you want to block ads in Android browsers, Firefox offers that feature without root.
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    08-31-2015 11:01 PM
  7. Kevin Rush's Avatar
    No. Even till date, ... I feel like cosing the app
    May I ask, what "till date" and "cosing the app" means? It would help me understand what you are trying to say.

    Just trying to honestly understand.
    Best Wishes
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    08-31-2015 11:03 PM
  8. Bkr11's Avatar
    Most likely will - after all the years I've spent with WP I can't see moving away all together. My OG 920 was a great phone, then loved the 1020 for a while. Moved on to the 1520, but shortly before that started running an Xperia Z1s to get access to the Bonfyre app that I needed, of all things, to participate in some social stuff for an off-site for work (hey - I ended up winning a $250 gift card to Warby Parker by using that app so that effectively subsidized about 40% of the cost of the Xperia). Recently picked up the S6 Active, but as much as I like having access to first-party apps for my tech toys (Sonos/Netgear Arlo/Yamaha Receiver/Olympus/etc), I miss using WP for my daily driver. If the Continuum experience is the real deal that will absolutely sell me.
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    08-31-2015 11:17 PM
  9. ScubaDog's Avatar
    When WP7 was first released I stood in line at our locate AT&T store and got the first Samsung Focus. Loved it. Then, I stood in line to get the Lumia 900. Later, same thing for the 920. Finally, I snatched up the 1020 the moment it was available. That, as far as I'm concerned, was the last Windows Phone flagship. I've been hoping for something to TRULY replace the 1020, but they ALL lacked one thing or another, but most of all the phenomenal camera. And then came Windows 10 Mobile. Which ruins everything I've ever loved about Windows Phones. So, the specs on these next devices are basically on par with the competition, absolutely nothing noteworthy, least of all the camera. That, coupled with Windows 10, means I'm not really looking forward to anything. And this is incredibly disappointing, given how much I use to love Windows Phone.
    08-31-2015 11:36 PM
  10. IceCake's Avatar
    I sometimes think that I will switch..But then..I keep waiting to see what MS is gonna come up with next. Looking forward to the official W10 phone, if it doesn't truly impress, I might just go elsewhere.
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    09-01-2015 01:14 AM
  11. EBUK's Avatar
    I'd like to say 'yes', but at the moment I'm swayed towards 'No.'

    WP8.1 was a secure OS - you couldn't hack it the same way you could iOS and Android. But W10M has already been cracked wide open, with hacks available that fully expose the file system and registry. Given that Windows is a very insecure OS and easily corrupted, and seeing as W10M is just a version of Windows 10, I fear the phones can easily be targeted and laden with all manner of nasties, just like desktop Windows.

    So the Lumia 735 is most likely the last Windows Phone I will have owned.
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    09-01-2015 01:41 AM
  12. Tepid's Avatar
    I'd like to say 'yes', but at the moment I'm swayed towards 'No.'

    WP8.1 was a secure OS - you couldn't hack it the same way you could iOS and Android. But W10M has already been cracked wide open, with hacks available that fully expose the file system and registry. Given that Windows is a very insecure OS and easily corrupted, and seeing as W10M is just a version of Windows 10, I fear the phones can easily be targeted and laden with all manner of nasties, just like desktop Windows.

    So the Lumia 735 is most likely the last Windows Phone I will have owned.
    Prove Windows Phone can be hacked.
    Ohhhh, you mean that lengthy process that requires you to have physical access to the device and is really
    for developers use only?

    Till that process gets automated via an app, and can escape the sandbox, which I doubt can be done, prove it.

    No, Windows is not. Depending on how you use it.
    Most people don't read, or want to understand how to use any OS.
    They are all not secure depending on how you use them.

    If you don't know how and are concerned or don't want to learn the proper way to run your OS?

    I love the morons that bellow, "I Better Be Able To Run As Full Admin, Or Windows And M$ Can Take A Hike." "It's My PC And I Will Run It How I Want To, They Won't Dictate ToMeHowIUseMy PC;,,," "Crappy Windows, Infested With Bugs And Viruses, How The Hell Did This Happen, Screw M$"

    ptthhhthth, rigghhht, whatever, you deserve what you get.

    Want to really know what's wrong with Windows?
    psudo-jurnos and know-nothing bloggers, johnny weekend warriors that know about as much as running setup.exe from cd when it fails to auto run.
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    09-01-2015 02:31 AM
  13. diktea's Avatar
    was using from 2012. .. i may get again someday, not near future.
    As many of you are long time users, the pain i felt is not on the specs or usability as such but...
    1) the pain of WAITINGGG.. and nothing great comes out and we continue to wait.
    2) The pain and frustration of losing the ME tiles of windows phone 8.
    3) pain of loosing all those beautiful unique Photo hub, game hub, people hub, music and video... I missed them so much.
    4) pain of differentiating the phones in terms of features already present in some phones and which are easily possible to add (eg -the Camera button being removed; Glance Screen omission) etc....
    5) New phone specs and functionality has very bad proportion to the price. for instance Lumia 830... (usability is one thing, but as there would not have been hardware price differentiation with android hardwares i dont understand why the price has to be on higher side other things remaining the same)..

    I am using at present android.. and find it hard to come back to get new wp phone... i really wished microsoft to improve things not remove and spoil beautiful functionalities and things they have implemented...
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    09-01-2015 03:06 AM
  14. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    This thread should have been a poll.

    My answer at the moment is no. I sort of made the decision last year to switch to Android. I know a lot of people bash Android on here but I've actually liked my experience so far. A lot less stressful than using WP for me anyway.

    Doesn't mean I'm not going to try WP again some time in the future but at this moment in time there's just too much that bothers me about it that until things improve I'm not interested.

    To me, hardware is important but software and apps are what make the experience well rounded. On WP the OS was OK but the app situation continues to be a bit on the dismal side. I know the new ideas of porting Android and iOS apps over so until I see that actually working I'm happy to stay where I am.

    Also, just in general. Though I know I'm going by just renders I'm not overly fussed with the new phones. I'll wait final judgement until they're officially released though. That's just my opinion.
    09-01-2015 03:14 AM
  15. gourav mopidevi's Avatar
    I came from android when I won nokia lumia 730 I used it for 2 months and gave to mom(reason: no wireless charging)...got nokia lumia 1020 awesome device with best camera I just loved it so much. main drawback heavy weight and bulky gave it to dad using S3 from 2012 rooted used different type of os......I love W10.....feature I want them to include double tap to sleep on nav bar for all lumia which have onscreen keys same like lumia 640,plam to swipe to capture screenshot from Samsung,multi window from windows desktop,hey Cortana,heart rate monitor from Samsung,try a way to lure dev and exisiting dev to build quality apps.......android apps are far better in quality compare to windows....even basic apps like FB,etc are best on android......I hate apple so no question of apple......if everything goes according to plan next yr I will buy surface 4...so in 2017 I will watch how platform is evolved.......do I buy windows flagship? no not at all until they release for low price....for windows mobile price matters
    09-01-2015 04:26 AM
  16. Torontonian22's Avatar
    After 2 years + with a 920 that I really liked, I got myself a 930. Five months later, I reached my limit. The 930 is one the most unreliable phone I have ever owned. No more WP flagship for me and no more WP either.

    People who say "I bought an iPhone and it's boring because you can't customize anything" is like buying a motorcyle and complain about having only two wheels. You know that Apple locks down their devices so it's not a surprise unless you didn't do your research and just find a silly excuse to bash the iPhone. Funny thing, I'm not even going for an iPhone as I simply don't like the OS.

    I'll get an Android phone for a lot of reasons, here are some of them:

    1. W10M is going the Android route design wise. I didn't buy WP to have a cheap Android design that I can't even change. Better get Android and take advantage of what the OS has to offer

    2. WP is smooth... yeah but no. It still has a lot of resuming screen, even on a 930, it still stutters from time to time. No serious lags but stop being blind, it's not buttery smooth.

    3. App gap is still the same and W10M will not change anything (hope to be wrong but we'll discuss it 6 months from now). Sideloading Android apps is not the answer. Why sideload an app to have crappy performances (and keep bashing Android for no reasons) while you could have native apps directly on an Android phone? Besides, the app gap is not actually directed towards big apps. Most local businesses around me have an android or IOS app and I use these services... or I could if I didn't decide to stay with WP. Actually, most people use local services around them and these local services are not going to be available on WP anytime soon. These are the apps that WP is missing, way beyond big apps. People need the apps they use daily, to do stuff or to use services they like. On the other side (I work in funding innovation), all the companies that are developing new concepts, services, products that work with a smartphone have no plans to develop for WP. To conclude, any new apps, updates, services, accessories etc are compatible with Android/IOS but not with WP. What's the point of having a nice and "smooth" OS if it doesn't do anything I need?

    4.Want to buy an accessory (screen protector, case or simply a smartwatch, fitness tracker or other connected devices)? it's either not compatible with WP or if the accessory exists, you won't find it anywhere. I do purchase a lot of things online but come on... when you have to purchase a case online because no store carries them, that's really annoying. And I'm in France where WP has approximately 15% market share...

    5. Android looks ugly? At least you can change whatever you want to make it your own.

    6. live tiles are dead. Even W10M is getting away from them with the transparency option. Besides, widgets actually update correctly while most tiles stop working after a while or do not refresh at all. The main asset of WP is it's main weakness because of stupid limitations... even in 2015.

    7. Feature wise, W10M will not bring much to the table. What I liked from W8.1 is already gone. The services I use from MS are also available on other platforms. Why bother?

    8. Security issues on Android? Funny story, apparently, according to some users, Windows on PC is also prone to security issues with viruses and so on... isn't that the silly excuse from linux or mac OS X users to bash Windows? But wait... windows users keep saying: "Windows is fine, you don't know how to use it". It's the same with Android. If you don't install apps from weird sources, visit weird websites etc, you're safe. So stop using that excuse to bash Android because it's just... stupid. Yes, there are viruses on Android but like windows, you are the one responsible for bloating your device, not the OS itself.

    9. It's just a smartphone. WP does not fit my needs anymore. it's time for a change. Can I live with some lags if my device does a lot more? I think so.

    I'll keep an eye on the upcoming devices and the OS development but for the fanboys out there, don't get your hopes too high.
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    09-01-2015 04:48 AM
  17. Christian Del Rosario's Avatar
    yes. i'm sure windows phone 10 will run well on newer phones. even though wp8.1 looks better design-wise, i still like wp10 over android and ios. and since we can now (illegally) run android apps to windows phone 10, there's no more problem about the apps. also, since there will be no difference app-wise between different brands, i might consider waiting for LG or HTC wp10.

    i have mixed emotions though, i'm a walking time bomb. anytime, i might explode over my infuriation about the beta releases of wp10. but the problem is, i really don't like to go back either to android or switch to ios.
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    09-01-2015 04:54 AM
  18. sayed237's Avatar
    Never again if w10 mobile doesn't fulfill my expectations like OTG support.
    09-01-2015 05:03 AM
  19. vikrant6's Avatar
    NO. I have been on WP since 3-4 years and have loved the way it has evolved. But of the late I am feeling I am not getting the best Mobile experience by being on Windows. Running W10 (I know It's a preview and bugs are expected) has been a real pain. So probably I would move and pick android device.
    09-01-2015 05:14 AM
  20. mprice86's Avatar
    Given that I don't like iOS or Android and have enjoyed the last 4 years with Windows Phones, I can pretty safely say I'll be getting another one.

    I have the 640XL now and it has totally sold me on larger screens, so the 950XL seems like the next logical step. But, I loath the design, at least from the renders. If it looks better in person and feels good in the hand though, I'll probably pick it up if no Surface phone is forthcoming.

    I did have a quick play on a friend's Galaxy Edge Plus at the weekend and it was just fantastic to hold, currently Windows phone really lacks a device with that kind of build quality, which is a shame, but not a deal breaker.
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    09-01-2015 05:22 AM
  21. willkirk3's Avatar
    I owned a Lumia ICON for almost 2 years and really liked it especially when 8.1 came out with Cortana. I finally switched over to Android this past year to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge due to being frustrated over the lack of key apps on my Windows Phone. I also have an iPhone for my work along with my entire family having iPhones so I am very familiar with IOS. However, after living with Android for the past several months, I am really not that impressed and am starting to miss my Windows Phone...especially Cortana. I also find IOS very boring...yes, great apps and build quality but very boring. The beta version of Cortana on Android is not near as robust as it is on a Windows Phone and I'm not sure if Microsoft will ever be able to integrate Cortana on Android as deeply as it is on Windows Phones. Also, I believe Windows Phone has absolutely the best interface with its Live Tiles and overall navigation. I realize there is still a major app gap between Windows Phone and Android (and IOS), but I am seriously considering either switching back to Windows Phone next Spring when Microsoft comes out with their Flagship Windows 10 Phone based on what I am reading or possibly purchasing an unlocked Windows Phone to use side-by-side with my Android so I can determine if I really can live with the app gap based on where it stands with Windows 10 by next Spring. I also use a Windows Laptop so to have everything seamlessly work together would be a real bonus. As I mentioned earlier, my biggest draw to Windows Phone is the deep integration of Cortana and my ability to get things done simply through "Hey Cortana". Win me back Microsoft!
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    09-01-2015 05:27 AM
  22. cre8tivspirit's Avatar
    WP it's not as bad as the OP makes it look. It's not bad, it's a great OS, that it's also growing and maturing, and did that much faster than IOS and Android. It's simply that some people do not like it. But it's mature enough as it is to stand toe to toe with any of the other two. Except for the so called "app gap", which as you might have noticed if you read the whole thread, it's HIGHLY subjective and depends on personal use. I have never felt it myself, at all. Never once said "oh, I need that app, it's a shame it's not out for WP".
    I agree with what you are saying for the most part. I know that my reason to switch from Windows to Android at this time is purely personal. WP is a great OS and Lumia phones have been excellent devices, for what MS has been offering them as. However, The last great phone released was the 1520. Even if some did feel that the device was too big, there is no denying the quality of its hardware and the fact that it's still a strong contender today. And based on my experience so far with Windows 10 on my SP2, a device exclusive to MS, I'm hesitant to jump on W10 mobile. I'm not necessarily giving up on WP, but I'm going to take a wait and see attitude this time around and MS has made it easy for me to do this by making all the Office apps I use available for Android along with OneDrive so I really won't be losing anything from a productivity standpoint.

    I do however disagree with you about Samsung devices. My first WP was a Samsung and it was a great device. I personally wish that they had stayed in the WP game because then we might have some truly awesome phones to choose from.
    09-01-2015 05:51 AM
  23. Ruy Ebenezer Silveira's Avatar
    Without hesitation, why not? It's only a phone, people make too much of smartphones these days..
    I couldn't agree more!!!
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    09-01-2015 06:08 AM
  24. undulose's Avatar
    If it can function as well as or better than my current Nokia Lumia 1520. Before reading ahead, keep in mind that I also had the following devices in the past - iPhone 5, Nexus 7 2012, Nexus 7 2013, Xiaomi Mi 3 - and now, I got the Meizu MX4 as a secondary phone. I also consider myself as a tech enthusiast, that's why I keep bias as little as possible.

    These are the reasons why I am still using my Lumia:

    1.) Very dependable camera and RAW support: I had this phone since December 2013, and up to now, it still functions as my daily driver. Even though the camera lens already got a few scratches, the pictures that I take with my phone are still crystal-clear, especially when I edit the RAWs already. When people usually look at my laptop, they react with magnificence on my screen wallpapers. Little did they know that all of those wallpapers were RAWs edited from my L1520. :)

    2.) Ease in keyboard input. The stock Microsoft keyboard is very easy to use, compared to the other OS'es. I don't know why, but this is really one of the reasons I'm sticking with my Lumia as my daily driver. I am also texting a lot on my Meizu MX4 (Android) for daily reports at work but I really have a difficult time using its keyboard. I already switched from stock Flyme keyboard to Google Keyboard and now to Swype.

    3.) Outdoor use and durability. With my phone lasting for more than a year, I am more inclined to use this in my field works (as a geologist) and this phone still functions well. Aside from its ClearBlack display (which, amazingly, is readable outdoors even in the lowest brightness setting, albeit being very dim), there are times that my phone's screen meet with small touches of drizzle. Yet, it still functions well.

    4.) Battery life. Most of my friends who are Android users complain about battery life on their daily drivers. Luckily, I am not one of them, because of WP's efficient OS.

    5.) Updates. Another complaint of my friends who are Android users are late (or never at all) updates. Even my Meizu MX4 is still stuck in Android Kitkat, and now Google already announced Marshmallow.

    There you have it. I admit there's still a huge app gap, and that's why I'm keeping an Android phone as a secondary device. But if you have noticed, I mentioned having a lot of Android devices before. I think my rapid switching of Android devices is due to the fact that those devices left me unsatisfied compared to how my Lumia functions.

    I am also giving Windows 10 for Mobiles the benefit of the doubt until it launches.
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    09-01-2015 06:19 AM
  25. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    All in all I reckon I will be buying a Microsoft Mobile device. Due to my heavy Microsoft service usage, using Android or iOS just feels clunky to me, even though I'm still getting all the same Microsoft services there. And yes I know the apps are superior on Android/iOS but it still feels smoother using Windows Phone. That's just my own feelings though, and I know I'm hated by most tech people for it.
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    09-01-2015 06:26 AM
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