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    I am running W10 10152 on a L1520 and cannot get this app to work correctly no matter what I try,

    The app opens>
    User name and password entered>
    App goes through the steps of "downloading squad, updating platers" etc>
    Then instead of going any further it just stops and the screen remains black.

    I had the app for 14/15 and at the next screen it should go to your homepage so you can see the squad etc.

    Reading the reviews it now looks like others are suffering the same issues, some state W10 preview but others do not.
    It is clearly logging into my account as notifications still work but just can't get past this black screen even after uninstalls, reboots etc.

    If anyone has it running on W10 preview let me know how.

    09-14-2015 06:45 AM

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