1. Pathum Wijayasooriya's Avatar
    May be most of you know about this app but I'm new to it (started using it yesterday) and fell in love with it, so i thought I'd spread the word :)
    The performance of Groove on my L920 on WP10 preview build is really sluggish to say the least. It takes for ages to play one song and the performance is sub-par to be honest. (hope it improves in the builds to come)

    Extreme music on the other hand made me love my music collection again. It has all the features of Groove and more!

    Adding to queue (play next)
    Fully functional inbuild ID3 tag editor
    Folder play
    Sharing music (even to whatsapp)
    Properly functional shuffle (unlike on groove)
    FLAC support
    Last.FM Scrobbler.
    Live tile

    and more!!

    microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/extreme-music/9wzdncrdm8lq - Extreme Music link

    facebook.com/extrememusic.wp - Facebook page

    We need to keep good developers like this in the windows community!... Download and show your support guys!... I did!
    (btw I'm not affiliated to the developer in any means.. just wanted to spread the word around and help out)
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    10-05-2015 10:20 PM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    Well thanks for notifying us :) I was there when it started out and I loved it, then they updated it and it was left broken for a bit -_- That's where I jumped off the bandwagon, but from your description it seems like they're back on track, so I might be downloading the app later
    10-05-2015 11:18 PM

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