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    Having had time to digest the cool new product announcements, I had, for myself, a thought to the logical end for a true Surface Phone which could be an end to a true vision. It is what Atrix wants to be, what the Padfone attempted to do. A true all in one mobile device. A phone that can be your tablet and/or your laptop.

    It will be their lightest Core SOC with very tight restrictions on when to push performance, etc, with various docks for various functions.

    A Tablet dock that give you more screen estate to function as a clipboard.
    A Keyboard dock that allows docking for the tablet display, has discrete graphics in it, for a powerful Laptop mode that allows pushing some crazy stuff.

    The connectors should have the flexibility so you can use the phone still while pushing tablet or laptop content. Even allowing the flexibility to receive notifications in laptop mode or just on phone mode.

    Mad? Clunky? Maybe. But truly, the real work for Panos Panay and his Lumia and Surface teams have only just begun. Product categories are breaking down due to their efforts. I hope they succeed in creating the 'sonic screwdriver' that is the Surface Phone.
    10-08-2015 05:56 AM

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