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    I don't often post in the forums, but I just had what I felt was a pertinent thought. People who usually prefer windows phone, the majority of which, are people with similar opinions as those on this site. People who love technology and have a broad depth of knowledge on the industry as whole. Probably colloquially referred to as geeks, whether you like the term or not.

    In my social circles, it is me that is most asked for my opinions on technology, both present and future. It's me that people come to for help when they need it. It's me that people ask for guidance from on their next purchase. I just realized, when it comes to technology, it's me in my groups of friends, coworkers and peers that they look to.

    I'm not meaning to sound narcissistic, not at all, but setting up the framework for my thought.

    In the smartphone world, we are the minority, but I'd argue that our voice is the largest. App developers, service developers ought to be wooing us, ensuring that we have both knowledge and a favorable opinion of their services and devices, rather than shunning us. I think it's time we make that known.

    Whenever I find a service out service that I want to use that either doesn't have an app, or doesn't have any intention of writing an app, I'm going to start with a pointed email outlining the above, and list alternatives that I will be recommending instead of their services or devices.

    I'm tired of helping those companies that won't help us.

    The irony is, people ask me for advice on everything including phone, and I will recommend either windows phone or iPhone, depending on the personality, but even my friends that I think would greatly benefit from a windows phone can't break the marketing of iPhone, they thank me for my opinion, turn a week later with a new iPhone, then proceed to defend their purchase of it to not to me, but to themselves. And the argument that 100% of them use is the lack of apps. If it wasn't for the apps; this chicken and egg scenario, I think we would have a whole different attitude in the market.

    My hopes are that universal apps, the bridges, etc will help rectify this, but we as spokesman of technology need to take our booming voices right to the developers, or take those voices, our money, our time and consequently our friends voices, time and money elsewhere.

    We have more power than we give ourselves credit for.

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