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    Hello all.

    So I posted a thread back in June saying I was leaving windows phone after 5 loyal years of enjoyment. No big deal, I know its only a phone but that conversation is irrelevant considering how much we use smartphones, how much they help us out and how useful they now are.

    So yeah, a big deal for me. I loved my 1520. Had it a year and a half. It was solid. Very quick and reliable, with specs which hold up well even today, with 2.2 GHZ quad core CPU, 2GB RAM and so on.

    However, the screen started to blotch, battery was not holding its charge, and with no large flagship to replace it, I got an LG G4.

    3 months down the line, and to cut it short, I hate it to be honest. Android 5.x is miles better than it used to be when I had my HTC Legend. It is stable enough and there are loads of apps on google play. It has some neat features like knowing where you are so it can adjust the volume profile, split screen app multi-tasking and so on. The camera is incredible as is the video recording. It is quick as well. However, android is still horrible in so many ways. No two menus have the same layout of design. Basic things like messaging is horrible. Keyboards are terrible, the facebook contact integration is terrible, the notification centre is overkill, telling me things I don't need to know. How it constantly updates apps in which you can tell no difference. I cant find a news app like bing news which I miss a lot.
    The build quality on my LG G4 is shocking. Very cheaply made. The plastic frame scratches very easily and my leather back has started to wear very badly on the corners and I treat my things very well. It creaks when you pick it up, the buttons have gone spongy, all in the space of 3 months, and this phone was 520.

    I am annoyed, and basically I am not staying with android.

    I have just looked at the Microsoft Lumia 950 after reading a few critics first impression and how well received it has been. Oh my gosh. Microsoft seem to be on fire at the moment. 5.7' AMOLED display, USB-C, fast charging, octacore CPU on an already optimised OS, 20 MP camera with triple LED flash and continuum, while being less expensive than an iPhone. Sounds like the stuff of dreams.

    Speaking of which, I am very close the getting an iphone 6S plus. I like iOS and apple seem to have made big improvements all over on the 6s vs the 6, but I cant seem to swallow the price of them and they don't really offer anything outstanding, other than 3D touch which same are saying is just another "tap and hold." Like what is the difference ?

    I am happy I have used android again, and I understand why they are so popular, but not for me. Think I am a genuine windows phone customer. Now that MS seem to be back with a bang releasing really good products and services, I am very tempted to switch back.

    So I genuinely would like some advice. Do I switch back to windows phone with a 950 XL? Or am I being a bit too optimistic with windows and Microsoft ?
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    10-11-2015 04:07 PM
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    Short answer is no (No you aren't being too optimistic).

    I am sure we will take several pages to get there though

    My problem is what do I do with my 1520 that is still working perfectly. I am not a person who can dump good kit just because something new is out, but if I ever got a Surface book, can you imagine having to have an android or apple device sitting next to it, isn't going to work is it.
    10-11-2015 05:40 PM
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    My opinion is come back to Windows phone and get a cheap Android phone by the side for the sake of some apps. I believe Windows 10 Mobile is really going to hold up well against the others with universal apps coming on board. We will just have to be a bit patient thats all.
    10-13-2015 02:53 PM
  4. dorelse's Avatar
    If you're a sprinter...then no...if you don't mind (and enjoy) a marathon, then yes. Personally, I'd keep the G4, buy a Blu Win HD LTE (will be upgraded to WM10) and dip toes in both worlds. I have an HTC One and my 8XT and flip between them every 3-4 weeks probably.

    Android has come a long way towards a nice user experience...but I switched back when the official cars.com app got hacked and started redirecting me to NSFW sites.

    If you have to have top of the line phones, then obviously a Blu phone isn't gonna cut it...
    10-13-2015 04:13 PM

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