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    http://www.microsoft.com/en/mobile/support/software-update/lumia-software-availability-in-north-america/?country=US,United States Of America

    This list is missing many phone/carrier combos. I'm curious if models still on the list are slated for updates at some point (seems unlikely with the Cricket 620 on there), or if phones not on the list are never going to be updated (also seems unlikely given the AT&T 830 wasn't on the list until the Denim update last week), or if it's just an incomplete list (most likely).

    Here are a few I know of:
    Lumia 810 / T-Mobile
    Lumia 640 / T-Mobile
    Lumia 735 / Verizon
    Lumia 640 / Cricket

    I feel like there are probably many missing 520 and 630 listings. And I'm sure there are also other missing high end phones that I just am not remembering.

    What's sad about that page, is the US is the only page I found that had listings for phones that didn't have Denim. However, with the US list missing phones, it's possible the lists for other countries are not accurate and are missing phones that don't have Denim. Either way, it's clear MS has a long ways to go in the US.
    10-19-2015 03:52 PM

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