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    hi there,
    one of my app (game) got new update so i tried to update it manually from store via wifi but i didnt have strong enough signal so i was disconnected and got stuck with downloading.
    later home with better connection i tried again but still was stuck. after some 'stop downloading' and trying again (which didnt help) i uninstall whole app to try reinstall it.
    got stuck again and i think it was at the same point of downloading process.
    so i did something what i rly didnt want it - reset whole mobile phone, and bcs i had some problems with sd card (which actually could caused problems with downloading/installing too) i deleted everything on it via formating which got me one good point - yay, my sd card now work properly again and mobile dont reporting 'sd card problems' anymore.
    so though night i got almost all my apps back and few ones with some problems (errors but i already solved it with changing install destination from sd to phone and moving apps after installation to sd) exept one...
    ...downloading this one game (yes the one which start whole my story here...) got stuck - it said that store 'isnt available, try later' (which could be caused bcs my bad modem - sometimes it has problems and im disconnected from net)... well, i tried it after about six hours later but still got stuck.
    tried same trick with changing install destination from sd to phone and later to sd again which helped me before but here didnt helped it. now i tried remove whole sd card - got stuck again and im pretty sure that i got stuck on the same part (about 30%) like i got stuck everytime.
    already tried mobile data connection to exclude option that ill be disconnected again via wifi, didnt helped.
    what i think is, that application is still downloaded in phone already somewehere with error (this idea support progress while downloading bcs its very fast, faster than should be and at some point all progress will stop and got stuck) so everytime i try new install or download phone is using already downloaded data which are corrupted and new donwloading dont start at all.
    but cannot find where this data could be and even dont know how to deleted it.
    already was looking on storage but 'temporary files' are both on sd card and mobile on zero. found some 'others' which are not known to phone and tip there is 'use pc to browse these files' but right now im out of reach of my pc. connected phone to pc at work but every folder i look is empty (exept ringtones).
    i waited about 2-3 hours if phone needs more time to solve it itself but without any progress, switching phone off/on ... it start to be kind of irritating...
    any tips what to do please?
    ill try to browse files at home on my own pc which have more tools and at least have same os like my phone but im afraid it wont solve it.
    i have lumia 530 dual sim with w8.1 os and system should be up to date
    thanks for any ideas and sorry for my english
    10-27-2015 02:51 AM

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