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    Hello, I am a Lumia 640XL user and I really like my phone. This is my third Windows phone. I convinced my mom to buy one for herself too.

    I'd like to ask you what do you think that we, regular users, can do to help to boost the windows phone platform. I was thinking on why is iOS so more popular than Windows Phone. Okay, I know Microsoft got late in game, but why is it so hard to turn the tide?

    I think the main reason is that Microsoft doesn't make too much advertising, but there's another thing: iOS users are really proud of their phones and they love to show them off to everyone. I think that maybe we, regular windows phone users, should stop complaining so much about missing apps and start being proud of our phones, posting pictures of our phones everywhere and so on. Why do we complain so much about Windows Phone? I had an Iphone 4s and I don't miss it. Maybe we could do the advertising Microsoft doesn't do :)

    And you? What do you think we could do to help the WP platform as regular users?
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    940XL? when did they release that?!

    Joking, aside there are few threads about this already :) never the less Microsoft is on the verge of 3rd boot to the phone o/s. I imagine after everything people are a) pessimistic b) have now adopted lets wait and see approach.

    There is also a Windows Phone group on facebook :) if you're interested.

    Windows 10 for phones brings a lot to the table such as displayport over usb, usb host, iris scanner, continuum etc and it will be interesting to see what happens next.
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