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  1. Marcos Ely's Avatar
    In my opinion, the real app problem in WP is about Google.
    Many people use Gmail (or Inbox), Google Drive, Hangouts, Youtube, Google Maps and they are used to the way these apps work on Android or iOS.
    We have alternatives (some are even better), but the common people are simply not used to them and do not want to learn how to use what they use for years.
    The other mai problem is not the absence of apps, but the absence of updates with functions that exist in other OS's, like some Facebook or even Outlook functions.
    I think most of these problems will end with W10M and with the possible rapprochement between Google and Microsoft.
    08-16-2015 09:15 PM
  2. tmservo's Avatar
    The app gap is real and problematic. In some cases, though, I suffer from more functionality issues; the Bluetooth handler on my 1520 isn't nearly as sharp as on any iOS device (it will not re-negotiate with a car stereo if it loses it) and this is on my 3rd 1520, so it seems with all of them.

    Some functions are also just not quite there.. if I have a song in my library on my phone that begins with # or 1, then no matter what I do to say "random mix" that song will ALWAYS play first... in fact, sometimes randomly while I'm in the middle of something, a song that has a beginning # (#Selfie) will randomly start even though it isn't in my 'currently playing' in media/etc.

    But the biggest factor is becoming apps. Losing my Bank of America app sucks.. because it means I can't easily electronic deposit by phone (which sucks), but a bigger problem is that there is no Square client, and several other services I use frequently either aren't there or aren't very well polished..

    I love a lot of things about it; the mail handling is VERY good, and I love the display and the speech to text engine/text to speech while driving/etc. but the app gap likely means without real change soon, I will probably be forced to grab a Galaxy..
    08-16-2015 09:40 PM
  3. Kieran Jeffery's Avatar
    This is why MS is shifting its concentration to the younger generation. As people get older, they become a lot less acceptable to change. Things become more and more embedded into their routine and it becomes much easier and less stressful to stick with what you know.

    MS can get a much bigger market share but it'll take years, possibly a generation or two. The key for them now is to keep innovating and stay ahead of the game, not fall in line and try to be like everybody else.

    The unified Windows is a great start, but will it convert masses of people, probably not. What it is though, is attractive to young people who have yet to fully commit to any particular service.

    It seems to me that rather Tha going for Google, they are directly competing with apple, though the side affect of that is Mac/MS sides will slowly squeeze on Google.

    MS should soon have the most unified and fully synchronized service across the widest spectrum of devices. So lets all hope they get it right and really show people how it works!
    08-16-2015 09:51 PM
  4. hb1x's Avatar
    The app gap is actually huge. And I don't think things gonna change for at least the next couple of years.
    Windows Phone is in a pretty bad situation right now. If you want to see the real picture, you should follow WMPU as well. WC excludes nearly every bad news about Windows and Windows Phone.
    08-16-2015 10:11 PM
  5. Nogitsune Micah's Avatar
    The app gap doesn't exist and it does exist...it depends on the user. We lack popular apps and games and yet it doesn't affect me much tbh. But someone may find lack of snap chat as a deal breaker.
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    08-16-2015 10:22 PM
  6. nilchak's Avatar
    I have been using a Windows Phone since WP 7.8 and at first the app gap was pretty evident.
    With Windows 8.1 - quite a few apps started appearing, but still there were apps people complained - Snapchat, Instagram etc.
    I overlooked all that side I needed to know what mattered to me. As long as I stuck to WP, I got used to whatever apps were already available - more or less - until some Bank apps started going out - Bank of America, Chase etc.
    Also some financial apps like Sigfig stopped being supported and that when I felt the pinch of the app gap.

    At this point I got a One Plus One phone and decided to switch to Android (Cyanogen).
    As I used Android - I realized I had all of my missing apps back, and some.

    I also bought into Wink home automations KNOWING that there was an app for that on Android (none on Windows whatsoever even now).

    Sigfig, Personal Capital were also available. They also had more features and functions than the Windows Phone counterpart (for Sigfig when it worked). At this time I reply realized first hand what the app gap meant.

    Its not just the count of apps - though that is important.
    Its also the quality and support of app on the other platforms, that Windows Phone missed.
    ]I have since migrated back to a Windows Phone (1520), albeit keeping my Android phone at hand - as I know many of the apps I still use are not coming to Windows yet.

    Another thing I realized - for apps where there is a Windows Phone counterpart (official) like Uber, it doesn't work the same way the Android or iPhone version works. This is becoming a major disappointment. I keep getting tired of having to explain to people that I have a Windows phone - hence the lack of feature parity.

    That's the app gap I have faced personally - and still do. But again its not such that I have ditched my Windows phone totally. Not Yet.
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    08-16-2015 10:34 PM
  7. OutlawFirebird's Avatar
    The app gal is real, and is a major problem if windows is to grow. So many developers avoid windows at all cost, wont even talk about it. Even developers who say they have good relationship with Microsoft, wont develop apps for windows phone.
    08-17-2015 12:31 AM
  8. luxnws's Avatar
    I'm sorry, but if someone says that there isn't an "app gap," with Windows Phone, that person is some combination of delusional, lying, and irrational. There are plenty who aren't hurt by the apps missing from the platform, but that doesn't mean that the apps aren't missing. There is only one app I really want to see come to WP that I don't have, and that is Trillian (IM client). I use IM+ because it's the only real alternative, but it's not nearly as nice of an app as Trillian. I can live without it, but that's just me.

    Still, there are many apps that Windows Phone either doesn't have, or doesn't have in as feature-rich a form as the competition (usually because development was long-abandoned). Here are a few apps that I can say are missing:

    ePocrates (and other medical-related apps)
    LogMeIn (and other IT-related apps)
    NBA GameTime (and probably other sports streaming-related apps, like NHL Center Ice)
    Yahoo fantasy sports apps (along with CBS, ESPN, and probably others)
    Many mobile games I don't play or care to list

    That's just what I could think of in a minute or so. I never used many apps on Android, nor do I on Windows Phone, so I'm not the best person to ask about this. Still, I've had complaints about most of those apps from others, or I personally have been bothered by them. As for neglect, IMDB and Comcast XFinity remote are two I have on my phone that are NEVER updated. The latter doesn't have the DVR access that competing apps allegedly have, which sucks.

    There simply isn't any arguing that Windows Phone doesn't have an issue with apps. Microsoft's clearly showing that with the iOS and Android compilers they're working on (and not having ready at launch because all Microsoft knows is half-assed launches and feature delays). Stuff is missing, it's not an opinion. If you disagree, you're plain wrong, even if you don't suffer because of missing apps. Like I said, I can only think of one app I really want (Trillian), and maybe a couple of others I'd benefit from (quality fantasy sports apps). I still like Windows Phone and am ready to get a W10M device, but I'm not ignorant of the rest of the world like many people on here seem to be when they argue against this question.
    Believe it or not, there are millions of people who don't know much about cell phones in this world.

    To the original poster, assuming that yours wasn't a troll post, go to Apple iTunes and find the top 50 paid and free iOS apps. That represents what the typical consumer wants right now. They are willing to spend their money to buy the paid apps.

    Do the same thing for the top 50 paid and free Android apps from the Android Store.

    Compare those lists to the apps in the Windows Phone store. You will see the huge number of missing apps in the Windows Store.

    Remember that most people don't want or care about substitutes or knock offs. They want the real thing, the same, authentic apps that they see their friends are using or which are trending on social media. If you need an example, in the old desktop days, people wanted Microsoft Word and not a knock off like WordPerfect.

    Windows Phones is a good operating system but the Windows Phone ecosystem just doesn't have the apps. Maybe things will get better with Windows 10 Mobile but it will take a couple of years or longer.
    08-17-2015 01:23 AM
  9. adkrish22290's Avatar
    The app gap in WP is IMO a perceived one. No doubt there are some important apps not available for WP such as Saavn (a music streaming service in India) and as many people here mentioned, apps like Snapchat too are not available. Many popular games in Lagdroid and iOS are not available either. But these are few are far in between. The basic and most essential apps are all available for WP.

    Google apps are also not available but then again, Google and its products suck, except for YouTube. The Microsoft alternatives such as Outlook, IE, OneDrive and OneNote more than make up for the absence of the equivalent Google services. And there are lot of good third-party YouTube apps in the WP store such as PerfectTube (which is by far the best YouTube third-party app I've ever used), MyTube and Metrotube to name a few.

    Several other apps popular in Lagdroid and iOS including banking and e-commerce apps are also not available for WP, but then the user can use the browser on his/her WP handset to access the desired bank or e-commerce mobile website and do the same work as he/she would do with the equivalent app.

    Having said that though, I admit that the quality of many WP apps is not as good as their Lagdroid or iOS counterparts. Take WhatsApp for instance. In WP, WhatsApp is aesthetically more pleasing and beautiful and more easier to use than in Lagdroid or iOS. But that's not enough. There are a couple of issues, especially in WP 8.1. Many times, an error comes up in WhatsApp indicating that the phone needs to be rebooted in order to receive further notifications. This problem has been persisting since WP 8.1 was released more than a year ago. At least by now, the WhatsApp developers who are involved with the WP app should have fixed this. There are problems with the FB app too, which are so bad that it's better to use the mobile Facebook website instead.

    There's also no inclination among the app developers to bring in regular updates for its WP apps either. WhatsApp received the calling feature long after it came for the Lagdroid and iOS versions. Hike for WP still does not have the calling feature and is barebones when you compare it with its Lagdroid equivalent. Cricinfo was updated after 2 years and even then they have included outdated information such as Cricket World Cup 2015 news.

    In short, the main issue regarding apps in WP lies in the manner and attitude in which the existing apps are developed and updated, not the lack of apps.
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    08-17-2015 01:53 AM
  10. ltomovski's Avatar
    The apps like viber, uber, facebook, myfitnesspal and so on, which are available on WP are ****ty and buggy and are hardly supported. They are made just so MS can state that they have those app available .. So YES there is a HUGE gap
    08-17-2015 02:14 AM
  11. Chely1990's Avatar
    The app gal is real, and is a major problem if windows is to grow. So many developers avoid windows at all cost, wont even talk about it. Even developers who say they have good relationship with Microsoft, wont develop apps for windows phone.
    Oh, very good.
    08-17-2015 03:01 AM
  12. k12000lt's Avatar
    It's about the quality and not quantity. Play asphalt 8 on any android and wp device of similat specs. You'll see the difference. See the graphics. Use adobe acrobat on android and wp, you'll see how crippled it is. There are so many apps which are there just for name sake. They are there but practically useless. I recently shifted to android for the first time ever just out of frustration. Windows still has a very long way to catch up and with this pace, it seems impossible. About apps, features and so many things. Hopefully windows 10 closes the gap, atleast some.
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    08-17-2015 04:45 AM
  13. Loco5150's Avatar
    Excactly. Same feelings after moving to Android. It seriously is like breaking free of shackles. And Im not talking about custom roms. The apps just function better, my phone is a SMARTphone for the first time after Windows Mobile.

    This is Microsoft's own fault, no one else's. The state of WP functionality and lack of basic things is ridiculous considering how old the OS is. Its a joke really.

    As an example Excel on Windows Phone is a biggest joke on the planet, and thats MS's own spearhead product... Yes sure, on W10M its finally moving forward, but that is not here yet and seriously, after 5 years the state of it tells every developer to stay away from this platform.

    Microsofts biggest mistakes was that they couldnt move forward. they went forward, then back, then forward and then came new beginning and basically starting over once again in some sense. Also W10 is a new beginning in many ways, and Im sure it will lack many functions because iya "fresh". Even though its not fresh, its freaking 6 years old really.

    My prediction is the W10M devices wont gain major share and slowly MS will start to bury the whole Mobile OS. the chance was with Nokia coming on board, from there making the right moves and great innovations the gain would have been steadily rising market share, but they dropped the ball with lack of great vision and leadership.

    Here is another joke to finish.... Many times you open a picture or a video to share, but wait, you cant do it from that place... the app you want to share it is missing from the menu. You have to exit, go another route to do the worlds most simple and basic thing. On a new OS this would be acceptable, but not after 5 years...
    08-17-2015 05:05 AM
  14. ZvjerOPC's Avatar
    After I installed Airbnb.apk on my Lumia I could not think of any other app I was missing.
    08-17-2015 05:22 AM
  15. psudotechzealot's Avatar
    Yes, I thought this was common knowledge. There is a quality problem within WP's version of these multi-os apps, like UC Browser, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.
    08-17-2015 06:20 AM
  16. calbro's Avatar
    What's is actually holding folks up is too many low ended devices and Microsoft refusal to do a hardware refresh of either 1020 or 1520 or both including the cancellation of Mclaren. Many cases consumers can buy better hardware with Android for the same price. WP is spec wise is just to limited even for Microsoft to do proper updating.

    Now, Microsoft has done a major in building tools to make porting easier from the two major app builders and the Universal App is a major plus.

    However, developers now need a device with at lease equivalent specs that match Android's to test WP. This is what the developers don't have even if they have a wp it is mostly on older hardware or lower spec device that requires modification. This is a waste of time. This second part of what Microsoft have to fix for the developers.
    08-17-2015 06:32 AM
  17. Hari_Haran's Avatar
    Absolutely Yes... App Gaps and Broken Apps . Don't Think we have alternative. As per me consumer has to choose the product thats y i have choose win phone

    I want to use google drive but we msft fan boys suggest go for one drive but that is not a solution !

    I would like to register few points. Comparison is always there exists in the universe! Something is there in Android,iphone Not in Winphone?
    I am not a frequent app user so i thought i am not going to face draw backs in Win So i purchased as like as fan boys
    Facebook :
    Unable to change cover photos and profile photos feeds are synced properly Yep it is absolutely developed by Well trained MS dev team
    I have received a notification from a group in fb while clicking the same , at least it has to redirect to customized facebook UI but not happening it is redirected to mobile site of facebook. Is it worse ? API has to handle that right ?

    Twitter : Suggestions from twitter in mail, While click the follow button it redirects as usual mobile site and lands the user page without following and redirects to home page ! Application is Developed By Twitter also
    I am little bit lazy to ping point all the issues , But Existing apps has great features compared to Android but improper page navigation and landing

    Worst of the Worst ? Some exclusive Mobile sites not even recognize the windows phone browser instance as mobile instance. Each httprequest from mobile says as you are trying access a mobile site please connect using phone not from desktop ?

    Really Exclusive features are available in Windows Mobile but people will go for that only after there basic needs to be satisfied

    Some points why developers are not interested to develop an app :
    1. No developer will work the R& D of any company product not only for MSFT ( Twitter slams Iphone 6 launch while their apps perform outrages they soughted to apple because of huge user base)
    2. Windows Insider is good program but many company will concentrate on windows phone after RTM only
    3. Windows as a Service is a good approach but adapting to the windows approach is takes time bcoz have to write the serialized code which doesn't impact the software such as base controller instead of there controller,packages, dll blah, blah blah blah

    Note : It is purely my personal opinion
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    08-17-2015 07:23 AM
  18. ZvjerOPC's Avatar
    I want to use google drive but we msft fan boys suggest go for one drive but that is not a solution !
    I am not defending anyone, but this argument works both ways. Here is one real-life example: If I wanted to switch away from WP I could not go with Android because that OS is not good for me. It just sucks from my perspective and the only real alternative would then be iOS. But I want to keep my Microsoft services (I don't want to switch to any Apple service) and I want my photos and videos automatically uploaded to OneDrive after I make them. This part does not work properly on iOS - mainly because Apple does not allow 3rd party apps to do automatic things. This is a major problem with iOS and if I ever wanted to switch I would not pay for Apple cloud services because they lack functionality and are extremely expensive.

    I don't think that WP ecosystem really needs a high end device in the long run, but for now we need to have something expensive (Lumia 950) because people prefer expensive phones so that they can tell themselves that they made a good choice ;-)

    From my point of view if Microsoft would make two types of phones every year (like Apple) it could work well for ecosystem, but before seeing that happen this ecosystem needs another way of getting users+developers on board...
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    08-17-2015 07:54 AM
  19. Zippier's Avatar
    The app gap is big for me.

    Don't want or need them:

    I realize other people use them and that's fine. I hope they all come to WP or if they already are, get better.

    I however, am an adult. I use my phone to organize my life and need the boring apps like:
    - My bank!! (i'm tired of using a web browser)
    - My credit card (i'm tired of using a web browser)
    - My local grocer (i'm tired of using a web browser)
    - HBO GO (i can't even USE my web browser)
    - Xfinity (i can't even USE my web browser efficiently)
    .....and much much more.

    So for me it's not about what's new and hip and all the kids are using. It's about the everyday apps that are helpful when I'm on the run and living life.
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    08-17-2015 07:55 AM
  20. modernfx's Avatar
    I absolutely LOVE WP. I am a huge fan of the platform however, after years of using WP (since 7) I finally switch to android last year.
    I am a big tech freak and too many of the things I use are not available on WP even if it one or two apps exist they are just awful.

    The app gap is big for me.

    I need:
    - Sonos App
    - Wink App
    - Harmony App
    - Amazon Fire TV App
    - ADT App
    - BOA App
    - Chase App

    These are apps that I use ALL the time and are missing from WP, not to mention a few other that I use much less.
    I would LOVE to go back to WP but I just can't until at least these apps are available.
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    08-17-2015 08:06 AM
  21. MazoMark's Avatar
    I gave WP a try on two occassions - first with a 920 and then an Icon. Loved the hardware, especially the cameras, and enjoyed the OS but the app gap was what killed it for me. I could care less about Facebook or Snapchat and I'm not a gamer, as my cell phone is primarily a business tool. I need apps for major banks where my business acounts are held. The lack of a good Google Maps app (the third party apps at time I was on WP were all missing some key functions) was a problem. I tried to use Here maps, but on several occassions, it steered me in completely wrong direction not even close to correct location. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and there was no good app for that at time I was on WP - now the Pocketcasts is there, that should be solved. Same for Audible - it was really poor when I was on WP, but I understand it has been updated now. So there has been some progress.

    I think if Google and Microsoft were ever to settle their dispute and all the key Google apps were to come to WP, I may be tempted to give it a third try. But for now - the app gap is what killed my WP experiment.
    08-17-2015 08:18 AM
  22. rAj06's Avatar
    App gap is HUGE! Even the apps that exist are far from what Android offers. My 1020 screen broke and I happened to switch to Xperia M4 for a month's time. I couldn't live with the camera of the Xperia so got my 1020 repaired. After switching back, I understood how much it is different. Honestly, Xperia is much faster with almost every task. After switching to my 1020 - I keep regretting it. I could have bought a point and shoot camera for 10000 Rupees (Screen costed me 9600 Rupees) and kept my Xperia.
    08-17-2015 08:20 AM
  23. mcpayton's Avatar
    This is my situation as well, but in my case both my bank and one of my major CC's sites aren't functional via a mobile browser, so I don't even have that option.
    Other than the financial type apps that are missing, the biggest one for me is Amazon streaming music and video. I know there are alternatives, and I have tried many. But the simple fact is Amazon is where I have my music and video, and I already pay for Prime so I also have access to what that provides and it's become a service I'm not willing to go without.

    The way I see it, my phone should adapt to me, not the other way around, and the current state of apps on Windows phone means too many sacrifices on my side. As you said, if other people find Windows phone meets their needs, that's great. But anyone claiming it can do what I need if I just try harder doesn't understand what is important to me or how I use my phone.
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    08-17-2015 08:25 AM
  24. Al4video's Avatar
    What's interesting about these recurring app gap post and conversations is that I would bet that a good percentage of us came from Android and IOS where there is no shortage of apps. So if apps are so important what the hell are you doing here anyway? Having a platform to ***** on is more fun than having all those apps?

    I think we would all agree that we are missing a app or two. I would also say most of the apps are of the utility nature. For me the apps I miss most are my bank app, a teleprompter app and a timecode slate for video work. All of which are better suited for my Android or apple tablet and not a phone of any kind.

    The reason I remain on a windows phone(1520.3) is I love the fluid experience that it offers. After upgrading to the latest version of windows 10 I left my phone bare, with just the included apps that come with every new install. I have to say I am pretty impressed with the standard apps such as the weather app, maps, navigation,Outlook and the rest of the Microsoft suite. It's as if I don't need one other app for everyday use, and the experience is awesome. My phone is quick and fluid, my battery is long lasting. While I could give a **** less what friends think, even they are impressed.

    I have many friends with the iPhone 6 plus who constantly come to me and ask me how did I do this or that? And I tell them it's because my phone supports this or that.

    On top of all that the camera is awesome on this phone. And the video quality is great and above all the 1520 records audio like no other. I have recorded entire music festivals with my phone and at the end of the day still had juice left to call and order a pizza.

    I would think that more everything is coming our way, apps features, new phones etc. And I'm cool with the wait. If you're not cool with the wait you probably would not like what I would suggest you do.

    I shot this festival with my phone. And yes I know when it comes to filming all you hear about is the iPhone, Screw the iPhone.

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    08-17-2015 09:48 AM
  25. NiteCourt's Avatar
    I started with an HTC 8X and then a Lumia 925. I now have a Galaxy S6. I miss the Live tiles and the integrated MS ecosystem. Why did I leave? The apps. No Tivo app. No app for my local bank. There was a Cartwheel web wrapper that someone made but it's no longer available. The app is much easier to use than the web. No app for the drugstore. There is an Insteon app but it does not support (or even let you setup) the HD cameras nor have the all the devices. No local newspaper app. No apps for the major banks of my credit cards. No apps to work with other devices that I have but are available for IOS and Android.

    I hoping with Win10 more android apps are ported over for use with the new tools available and that they work as designed. If/when that happens and there is a flagship phone, I more than likely will move back.
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    08-17-2015 10:22 AM
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