1. nv00021's Avatar
    Hey guys anyone else experiencing the email app not rendering or downloading any images? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app...toggling downloading full messages.....and still nothing. It's killing me.... I am I'm love with the dual SIM capabilities of my 950 XL but this email issues is ruining the experience.....someone please save me!!
    12-01-2015 10:58 PM
  2. vhl71's Avatar
    Yes. Ive the same issue with 950. Normal texts emails are fine. Anything else with images dont display properly at all. Both my wife's android and my old blackberry displayed them perfectly. This needs to be fixed asap along with all mails view.

    Sent from mTalk
    12-01-2015 11:01 PM
  3. WILDflowerman's Avatar
    I thought something was wrong with my new Lumia 950 until I decided to Google for a solution. Can't find an answer yet to the e-mail issue. I used to double-tap on the screen and the e-mail would enlarge to the area where I double-tapped. Now when I double-tap, all the screen does is try to copy the text where I tapped.
    12-07-2015 09:41 AM

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