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    Windowsphone has been the only OS i have ever used. I had wp7 since its launch with a HTC Mozart. Back then the Zune Music App has been the Core reason for windowsphone and i still use my htc mozart as an mp3 player ( my lumia 925 headphone jack is broken ), while having very few apps wp7 had ROCK SOLID core apps which made up for the App gap. It ran beautifully and fast ( core apps ) on low budget hardware.

    I think this has not been true since WP8 and especially not true for W10. The myth that windows phone is perfectly fluent, fast and stable on "low" hardware is simply not true anymore. On both my Lumia820 and 925 Core parts of the OS would lag, resume or feel delayed. ( action center, email and even returning to the home screen )

    For W10 apps launch speed, resume speed, returning to homescreen, resuming etc has even gotten worse.

    But the main issues i have is that there is simply no Phone available that i can afford which would offer a significant hardware performance boost compared to my Lumia925.

    Lumia 550/640/XL/830: 1GB Ram is simply not enough and ive never had a truely smooth experience on a wp8 device with 1GB Ram.
    Lumia 930 This device would outperform my Lumia925, but i just cant justify limiting myself to 32GB at this pricepoint. You can buy a Lumia550 for 120 and add 128GB. so this Flagship device is not interesting to me. No SD Card slot is one of the reasons i would never buy an apple product.

    The App Gap does not bother me, its the speed and performance of Core features: Navigating the OS, Email, browsing, stability especially while listening to music. My lumia 925 sometimes will take 2-3 seconds to open an mp3. - My HTC Mozart destroys it in terms of usability.

    My family gave me some voucher cards for an electronic Store, and there is simply NO WindowsPhone device that would interest me.

    Android devices like the Moto G 3, Moto X Play, Honor7, Huwai p8 Lite offer great Hardware in the segment between 200 - 400 ( personal limit, would never pay as much for a phone as for a tablet / laptop ) They all have better CPU than S210 and all offer more than 1GB ram and some of them impressive battery life.

    Its really hard not to switch right now. Im not a fan of Google and i admire Microsofts innovation in UI design and interaction design.

    This is not another "bye im leaving for android" Thread, i just think its time to bury the myth that "windows phone runs well on low hardware", for me this has not been true since WP8.
    12-02-2015 07:40 AM
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    Moved away from Windows 10 Mobile since this has more to do with hardware than software.
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    12-02-2015 07:47 AM
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    Yeah, it's true that there is big phone gap. No decent mid range offering. On software side, OS isn't finished yet for our phones, it's stilla preview and I expect it will be little better when it hit our phones official(if it comes with firmware update).
    If you are going to Android, reconsider brands you are looking at, huawei phones aren't of great quality (like their other HW), and HTC have been getting a lot of negative thibgs saying about low quality HW.
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    12-02-2015 08:04 AM

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