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    Last year, some months before I published the Windows Phone 10 Concept design, I was working on a Surface Phone Concept which was my dream device. As I’ve mentioned before , some time after finishing the phone design I decided to work on the Windows Phone concept. I also used the phone as the demo device for that OS concept design, but the phone itself kept in the dark. I’m currently working on a new Surface Phone Device, but last week I just realized why not publish the previous first. So here it is, some renders and also an animation I did during last week and hope you like it.

    The Surface Design and also the windows phone concept itself, are my first sketches of a device or an OS UI/UX as an architect. I’m just trying to say that please don’t look at these concepts, as projects from a specialist of the job. I’m just an architect who loves to design, and to learn, and I’m also trying to find my path in this field. So your comments are very welcomed here, as I eagerly want to learn.

    I was imaging a stylish and durable device when sketching for this phone. And almost a year after what I did here, I feel good about it and I like to say if I do design again, I’ll keep major elements but with more adjustments in details. The device was supposed to hold breathtaking specifications and features, a continuum like feature which was revealed in the Windows Phone concept to run w32 apps, and also some killer hardware to run them.

    •5.2″ Display
    •Snapdragon 810
    •4 GB of Ram
    •128 GB Storage
    •20 MP rear Camera
    •5 MP front camera

    you can find more details and renders in my website here
    12-02-2015 10:12 AM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    Nice, but where does the pen go. Any Surface phone will have a pen. How can that be neatly brought into a design?
    12-02-2015 10:48 AM

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