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    We have over 40-50+ professional windows phone apps on store though after NOV 23 almost all of our apps has disappeared and downloads have dropped to zero. I have also discussed with other developers they are also seeing strange patterns there apps are also not showing.

    When we type in "ClipInMedia" in search only few of our apps shows up where as before nov 23 max of ours were showing if you are developer try this you may feel the same

    When I contacted the windows support this what they responded
    "Hello Qasim
    Your apps can still be accessed through deep link and current users of the app will still be able to receive updates.
    We understand your concerns about your app experience with the search results. Your apps are published and can be found via the deeplinks. We recommend that you share the deeplinks via social media or your website for promoting your app to the public"

    That means ClipInMedia apps will not be searchable through store now we have to manually share links with people ?
    All apps were developed over 2+ years of development efforts max of our apps are now showing ZERO downloads from nov 23rd

    ANY BODY else is having same problem ? please post it here and also report to microsoft
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    "Hello Qasim,
    We are improving the Windows and Windows Phone Store in order to enhance discoverability of apps that target the broadest set of customers. After reviewing your request regarding your app's current search issues, I have verified that your app is still accessible. I have tested the deep link to your app and found it is accessible and allows me to download the app. Should you find that your deep link is not working, I will gladly review the matter and investigate further. Otherwise, there is nothing I can do to improve the discoverability of your app.
    Use of social media to share your deep link and other tips for promoting your app to the public can be found here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/lib.../dn745655.aspx ?Thank you for reaching out.?"

    It clearly been seen that they are not keen to solve the issues, how come for 2 years all was running fine and all of a sudden after nov 23 apps got dropped from store and downloads reached to zero perday

    this is serious issue any one here have contacts to higher officials ? who can convey this to them ?

    I had talk with another developer few minutes back his 3 apps are also not showing in store.Im also going for a new account because old account seems to be of little use till windows phone team fixes the issue - apparently they don't even know the issues from the talks we can see
    12-04-2015 12:29 AM

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