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    Where do I begin? I have been a Windows Phone fan since I fell in love with the OS with my Lumia 928 on Verizon over two years ago. I loved the live tiles, the camera, the speed and long battery life. There has always been an app-gap, but that never really bothered me because I always had faith that Microsoft would catch up, and for the most part, they have, just not enough. Letís face it, even the apps that we have received are second rate compared to iOS and Android versions. It's not Microsoft's fault, but developers just aren't interested in developing for such a low market share. But even knowing this, I stuck with Windows Phone because I believed it to be the best OS around. I upgraded my Lumia 928 to the Lumia Icon when it came out and loved it so much it deeply embedded me into this OS. I became a Windows Phone ďFan boy.Ē I bragged to all my friends about the wonderful things Windows Phone could do that iOS and Android couldnít. Cortana, great camera, battery life, ease of use, live tiles, etc. Those of you who know my screen name (NOLATechy), know how much I have supported the Windows Phone through tips to help users fix problems, to information regarding carriers, etc. But, since BETA testing Windows 10 Mobile, I have found myself slowing feeling more and more disappointed. While I realize that each update was still a BETA software, it just seemed that each update brought more and more problems and less and less functionality for me. I had to reset my phone so many times, I donít even keep many apps on my phone anymore. I keep saying, ďWhen they finalize the OS, Iíll put more apps on my phone.Ē Well that has been several months now and I still havenít added a lot of the apps that I want on my phone. Recently, Microsoft release Technical Preview version 10.10586.11 and my phone was working perfectly (of course AFTER I reset the phone yet again). Bluetooth connectivity in my car was perfect, Hey Cortana was working on my phone again (Iím the one who tipped Windows Central on the fix for that), the battery was lasting all day, etc. Then, Microsoft released the latest update (10.0.10586.29) and now the Bluetooth connectivity in my car is horrible as calls and Cortana are garbled. When I receive a text message, Cortana attempts to tell me I received a text message, but then immediately disconnects from bluetooth. I have to switch to speakerphone to make a call in my car now and can't tend to text message at all while driving. Also, my alarms are no longer sounding in the morning. I was late for work for the past 2 days because the alarm isnít working on my phone. Notifications seem to now be delayed. I have two phones, both of which have my Outlook email. My Android phone chimes perfectly when I receive an Outlook email on my Outlook app, yet my Windows Phone doesnít do anything for about 30 seconds, then it vibrates, but no sound dispite having a sound set. I have reset my Lumia Icon twice, yet these issues remain.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer deal with these headaches. As much as I love Windows Phone, there are just too many issues with the OS and the app gap hasn't closed enough for me. I'm tired of seeing advertisements for new apps on television that are available on Apple's App Store and Google Play with no sign of Windows 10 to be seen. I have devoted a lot of time and energy in supporting this OS, yet I feel itís just a failed effort. The Windows 10 Mobile OS is not as reliable as Windows 8.1 was. Itís not as energy efficient, itís not as smooth and most of the few apps I have are constantly crashing or just arenít as good as the same apps on my Android device. It pains me deeply to say that Microsoft has a long way to go to make Windows 10 Mobile better than iOS or Android enough to sway me back. Most of the features that Windows 8.1 had that iOS and Android didnít are now on iOS and Android. Even the iOS and Android cameras are getting better. Granted, Windows Phone cameras are still the best, but thatís just not enough to overcome the other shortfalls. So, I have decided that I will no longer support Windows 10 OS. I have just purchased the new Nexus 6P which is very comparable to the Lumia 950XL in specs (minus Continnum of course), but also has all the apps (good versions) available, including the Microsoft apps (Cortana, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.). If these MS apps weren't available on iOS or Android, I might have reconsidered, but what am I actually losing by switching to Android. Maybe some MS app functionality, but I gain that with Android functionality. I still get "Hey Cortana" to an extent, and also gain "OK Google". I can still use Bing Search (as there is an Android version of Bing Search). So, really, what am I losing as opposed to all that I'm gaining. In my opinion, Microsoft shot themselves in the foot by giving these apps away to the other platforms. You don't see Google apps on Windows Phone!

    If and/or when Microsoft is able to make Windows Phone better, more stable, with all the apps available to iOS and Android (maybe in the Cynogen version of Android = Microid) then I will return to Windows Phone. Until then, Iíll be using my Nexus 6P and keeping an eye on the Windows Phone world in hopes of someday returning. Best of luck Microsoft.
    12-08-2015 08:24 AM
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    Your duplicate post was moved here: http://forums.windowscentral.com/gen...tm#post3330644

    There is no need for a separate thread on this.
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    12-08-2015 11:13 AM

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