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    It was really a surreal dream. One that seems so real.

    DISCLAIMER: The device I will speak about below is purely fictional. It is something I had a dream about. Dreams like this rarely come true, but I thought it was really cool and wanted to share it.

    I've kept reading about what Panos Panay would do with a Surface phone, about how it's all about creating new device categories, redefining things, merging things together that once was separate.

    I've also done a lot of reading lately about a certain few people complaining about the new iPhone battery life, and why did they have to make it thinner to sacrifice the battery. These people were saying they wanted a thicker phone to give better battery.

    I suppose all that came out in my dream. Here it is, and Panos asks the audience, "So, you want to see a new device?" I'm expecting a Surface Phone. So is everybody. That's not what happened. This is the point where Phil Spencer joins Panay on stage for them to introduce the Xphone together.

    Yeah, you got it. The Xphone. Instead of a Surface Phone for Business, they release an Xphone for enthusiasts. This thing was no 5mm thin thing with no battery power. It was a full 12.5mm thick with a 7" IPS LCD screen running at 4K resolution. Okay, so the pixels per inch aren't as impressive as the 950XL, but this baby had a full Intel i7 Skylake SoC with 8GB RAM. It had the FULL Windows 10, and when it docked to monitor, keyboard, and mouse, it was full-on bad-boy, replace your desktop gaming rig crazy. Dual GPU. I didn't really dream about the GPU specs, but they must have been crazy. It ran current-gen Xbox One games without having to dock. The phone had built-in support for the wireless Xbox One controllers, and it had a kick stand so you could set it on a table and play. It used the 7" screen because the rest of the unit needed the size for what went inside anyway, plus needed a big honking battery, which they stated would get 2 to 3 day usage for an average consumer, or 10-12 hours for extreme gaming.

    It had the Xbox part of Windows 10, and the phone portions of Windows 10 as well as being the full Windows 10, so it could run apps published for any of those devices even if they weren't published for mobile. It also ran Win32 programs once hooked up to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Yeah, baby. It was cool.

    They talked about all the break-throughs in chip tech that made this possible, then they talked about a break-through in manufacturing tech that allows them to build it cheaper than anticipated. Starting price was $1750 with the Continuum dock. The new version 2 of the Continuum dock for the Xphone gives a choice between triple full-HD displays or a single 4K display. Yeah, you think, "Hey, that's pretty expensive for a phone", but gamers drop a LOT more than that on a gaming PC or a gaming laptop without thinking twice. This is the ultimate gaming console, and it's portable, and it's your phone, and it's a gaming console.

    Then they pulled that, "Oh, and one more thing this thing does." bit on the audience.

    We felt it was important to reach out to users who need a high-end PC experience and not just gamers. With this in mind, we not only included the drivers for 3D gaming, but have also included compatible drivers to enable workstation class computing with the GPUs. The GPUs are full workstation class GPUs designed for running AutoCAD and other high-end graphics software with full ECC memory on-board.
    BAM! That means the architect is going to want this as well. That means CAD, video rendering, you name it, just got better. And the best part, it's got better battery life and is lighter than any workstation class laptop in the world.

    Yeah, it was over the top. Yeah, I know it won't be possible for quite a few more years. Yeah, now I'm going to have a let down next time they do one of these device presentation things. You know what? It was still a pretty cool dream. That's all it was though. A dream. Man... I wish it were real, and I wish it were possible. They actually have an operating system that could one day pull something like this off, if only the hardware could catch up.

    Never stop dreaming. People who don't dream are dead and buried. ;)
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    12-20-2015 08:43 PM
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    Well, given we are going towards an era where this will become the norm....


    Then probably to this...


    Why not just cram the entire xbox one into a phone, VCR design 'n all and be done with it :P
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    12-20-2015 08:57 PM

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