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    Hey all, I feel as if alot of people believe that the app gap will be saved by the coming of the universal app store and WM 10. I'm worried that it wont change much or if anything with the current state of WP apps and mobile market.

    My reasoning comes down to why developers who are already reluctant to develop for WP would want to develop for windows desktop? Most developers of popular apps owe their profits to iOS and Android. Their reluctance to develop for WP would be a business decision rather than a personal one.

    If you had the choice to use your capital to develop for a new market and gain less than 3% (idc 2015) of the market or use that capital towards R&D/new app features for your already developed platform and gain more followers, which would you take? I believe this is the mentality of most developers and unforrunalty don't believe that the implementation of universal apps will fill that void.

    My second reasoning is that Win 10 has only 10% of the windows market with windows 7 still above 55% (digital trend 2016) as of the end of 2015. I feel as though the desktop/pc market is dying for the average consumer (not businesses) and with that, market share. Another reason for developers not to release a universal app.

    Finally, would most mobile app developers find the need to develop for win 10 desktop? I don't think so.

    I love WP/WM. I've been with the platform for more than 4 years. But as sad as it is I don't believe that I will continue after this year, and the sad truth id the same ol song n dance - the app gap.

    03-05-2016 04:23 PM
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    The gap problem is caused because the amount of money needed to spend to create the app for Windows wasn't really worth it. You have to pay for people's work. Before Windows 10, apps needed much more work, so they could be released for Windows and/or Windows Phone.

    Microsoft tried to find a solution to that problem and introduced Windows Universal Apps what was great thing and developing apps became even easier, because most of the code could be easily shared and managed. Though it still was platform specific to write quite a lot of code in some cases.
    Now, with Windows 10 you write ONE code (unless you wish for platform specific features) that works on desktop, tablets, phones, consoles, IoTs and who knows on what else it is going to work in the future. That solves the problem for spending money for writing the code for Microsoft platform.
    What with other platforms?

    While 10% or even 5% market share doesn't seem to be much, you can think of it as "what if my salary could increase 7%?" - Then is it much or not?
    I think it's respectable number to start writing apps for MS platform. But that's not all.
    Getting back to investing money in the people who write code. Right now for every platform you need a division of programmers that will write the app.
    Here comes Xamarin. I think buying them was the best move MS could make. Now imagine that you need only one division of programmers writing the code for 3 platforms, and few more people to make working and platform specific UI and UX.
    I don't know if Android/iOS developers are happy with it. It needs some learning and transition to new IDE. But in a long term it seems to be obvious decision and that's why I would expect the app gap to perish.

    Give developers time. Windows 10 isn't even a year on the market. Apps that support continuum is quite a new thing.
    Better question is - Would most desktop app developers find the need to develop for win 10 mobile?
    03-09-2016 01:47 PM

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