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    I have always been a windows fan. I hated my apple products. Eventually made the jump got a 920 and a surface pro and ditched the iphone 4 and ipad 3. For years ive been telling people how much better windows phone are, and at the time they truely were. However, i have a requirement for a jailbreakable phone which i can use to fake my location, for various reasons over the years ive needed this feature. So ive always kept the iphone 4 as a backup. Since then ive upgraded to a 1520 when it launched and now a 950xl. Still in the belief that these bugs would go away eventually. And it was certainly a million times better than my iphone4. So anyway, the iphone4 has finally comd to the point that it is just too damn slow to function as a phone anymore. So i bought off ebay an iphone 6plus, used but perfect condition for 250 (frankly a bargain because it was collection only). And i am actually shocked at how far apple have come along since the iphone4 days. Whereas it feels that apart from a few cosmetic changes windows hasnt moved that much in reality. Its not apple, its the app makers, i had no idea that the apple versions of apps had moved on, since my old 4 was no longer compatible with newer app updates. And given the specs arw so much lower than the 950xl, im surprised at just how fast it all feels. Sure the buttons are in silly places and its less intuitive to use, but once youre used to it, it doesnt matter. Now im in an odd position, im finding myself picking up the iphone to do my casual browsing etc. Thing is, i cant start using that at my daily driver, since it would raise a number of eyebrows from the people ive told the windows is better story to. I still like windows, i like my lumia with leather mozo case. But i no longer love windows, and i am one of those people who laugh at the deserters. I will stick with windows, it has a few benefits, for instance the lack of an official grindr app means there is an unofficial one, which gives you all the premium features for free instead of 8 a month. I just hope microsoft gets their cr*p together if this is the kind of thing coming from apple, and isnt even last years device let alone this years!
    03-19-2016 02:20 PM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    Afaik under w10 it is possible to "jailbreak" lumia phones
    03-19-2016 02:24 PM

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