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    So I was watching an episode of "This old House". They installed a device on the deadbolt that via Bluetooth, links to a phone and will lock and unlock the deadbolt based upon proximity to the lock.

    I was blown away, only to find out that naturally, there is no Windows solution. Just like Wink, Just like with Honeywell Thermostats. But, I did see that Ring has a solution. Though, I don't have a wired doorbell, so the latest full HD solution isn't going to happen. ugh.

    There are virtually NO home automation solutions that have windows apps. And it's a shame. I want WINK, and now I want AugustHome lock.

    Another home automation dreamer. WAITING for SOON (tm).
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    03-21-2016 04:08 PM
  2. ssapre's Avatar

    Another home automation dreamer. WAITING for SOON (tm).
    So come-out-of-TV-episode-time .... Just few ideas for you -


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    03-21-2016 04:30 PM
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    Thanks, I'm also interested in SmartThings. Waiting to see what comes of the new partnership with Samsung on IoT. But no way to insteon. Only uses proprietary stuff and I don't need to retrofit my existing hardware that will work with Wink. Also, insteon is a fail for August Home deadbolt, as you keep the door hardware and just add their custom backplate. Without buying a mew deadbolt or rekeying ALL my locks.
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    03-21-2016 10:23 PM

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