1. pureview_lvr's Avatar
    Recently heard about legal war between Apple and FBI..........
    FBI wanted to open an locked iPhone 5c of a terrorist.......but later FBI did open it without apple's help.....
    Also WhatsApp activated end to end encryption.......
    What do you think about it....???
    04-10-2016 11:24 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    I think it's not quite a cleanly cut line between OSes.

    iOS is quite secure though. But it's popularity makes it, like desktop Windows, a very popular target. A lot of resources go towards targeting iOS. Luckily:

    1. Apple has the capability to push out updates across the board in very quickly. Microsoft has only recently gained that capability in 10 Mobile and Android has only seen that in the Nexus phones as well as custom ROMs.

    2. Apple is banking it's brand on privacy and has a sizeable amount of clout. I think we can expect them to keep it that way for the near future.

    Android is probably the least secure of the three, but it's not a complete picture.
    The delays introduced by manufacturers and then service providers means that phones can go a long time without updates, which is half the problem. There are always security patches being dished out for desktop Windows, but we don't have ISPs or the manufacturers getting involved in general.

    Android's popularity and freedom also makes it a big target. But if you're technically inclined, it becomes less of an issue. Just pick a phone with clear upgrade paths like one with an official CM port or a Nexus device - the latter is ideal for most.

    But do know that the freedom offered by Android isn't bad. It opens the door to features and apps that can do things iOS and Windows Phones can only dream of.
    Sure if all you care for is email and calling, they'll suffice.
    But Android probably has the most potential and customization.
    It has had a less-than-rosy year with me seeing headlines for more Android vulnerabilities and malware being written about in the media vs. the others combined, but I think Android will be alright going forward. Much of the issues arise from doing more sketchy things and blind tapping on dialogs.

    I think Blackberry's Android phones are definitely worth a look, they have some extra security stuff on top. BB10 is always an option, but it's going south eventually. If you're hardcore, I did hear of BlackPhone.

    Windows Phone has been a pretty tough nut to crack like iOS, combined with its relative unpopularity - like OS X - makes it pretty secure. Windows 10 Mobile enabled an encryption option for us normal users, which wasn't there before, so that's good. I don't necessarily trust Microsoft to go toe-to-toe with the government like Apple can, but the general atmosphere bodes well. But the fact we probably have to rely on corporations to protect privacy worries me.

    Whatsapp is a service, and doesn't necessarily affect security on all devices. Just privacy of message contents between individuals.

    Also worth considering is to weigh your value of security and such vs. ease-of-use.
    Because if security and privacy was my absolute number one, two and three concern, I could probably get away with my this Palm PDA (m500, OS 4) I have, better secure my PC, maybe switch to some Linux distribution full-time, stick my files in more secure storage solution like encrypted and offline or on a more specialized cloud service and otherwise go ham.

    Moved to Phone Wars.
    04-11-2016 12:21 AM

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