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    I'm just curious as to who Microsoft actually talk to when they look to build phones ?

    If Microsoft actually care what people think about Windows Phone and actually wants to be a serious player then please read on. If they don't then you can stop reading now. I'd ask Microsoft but don't know who/where to ask or who would be listening.

    In the mobile phone space Microsoft are far from dominant and should look across all phones for comment and what might make people switch to WP. I don't mean plagiarising IP or anything like that. And they are fools if they think they can capitalise on Windows (desktop) and tell people what they want, they are too late to the game for that and they haven't done anything game changing that I can see. As dominant as Microsoft is on the desktop as many people hate is as like it and use it because there isn’t anything else, certainly not within the business space.

    When you are the minority player in the game you kind of need to look at what everyone else is doing (the bread and butter stuff). I mean (as an example) Bluetooth support was almost an afterthought when it should have been fully standard from the word go (My Lumia 930 still doesn’t work with my Garmin)

    And why don’t they market the damned thing. I mean really the number of people I run into that still don’t know about Windows Phone it’s just silly.
    There is some rumour (I’m not sure how true) that they are gonna use Intel chips in the new surface phone. That’s an accident waiting to happen. Intel taking on Qualcomm, Really! I’ll take on Lewis Hamilton on my push bike. Unless they know something I don’t they are gonna screw it up royally.

    And don’t get me started on apps. I mean Visual Studio is bar none the best app development suite measured against iOS and Android/Eclipse (urggh!) they seem like a joke. But yet 9 times out 10 you can get an app for iOS and Android but nothing for Windows Phone. What’s that all about.

    I write apps for Window phone and yet no one is interested, even if I offer free development.

    I really don’t care what Microsoft does I just wish they would either put up or shut up. Satya and Panos should pull their flipping sock up or get the hell out of the game, they certainly need to stop messing about, hell I reckon I could even do a better job with WP. And there are people way better than me I am sure so let them have a punt, they couldn’t do any worse.
    05-13-2016 02:53 AM

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