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    You can control your Phone and Tablet on the same device and pair to your home PC as well....3 devices on 1 keyboard ( no matter the OS Windows/Windows Phone, Mac/iOS, Android ).

    Has built in holder for 2 devices at once and by switching the wheel you move between what ever you paired at the time.

    The keyboard itself has the weight of your average laptop or Surface Pro, but I can tell you it's stable when your devices are in...it stays flat on the desk or table, even when you are touching the screen. If you use a Pen to touch the screen you will never knock over your devices. The holder part is a soft touch grip that will not let even glossy back phones slip.

    Lots of extras with the keys as well like media control, browser launch, quick access to search/Cortana and in phones 1 button screen cap that will also control the camera when camera app is open.

    Once your comfortable with the lay out touch typing will be easy, so text entry is better.

    In phones it works with all IM apps so you can be working and reply to text messages fast and return to work in a snap ( Note there is a delay of a few seconds when you switch devices with the wheel, but you do not need to pair each time as it auto connects)

    My setup as of now is an Acer W3 and a Microsoft 640 XL both work flawlessly with the keyboard and set up out of the box was easy....turn on bluetooth pair, enter a code into the keyboard each device displayed hit enter and done.
    Tablet is set to 1 phone set to 2 on selector wheel, and the wheel will not be moved far to easy and cause you to mix up where you are typing, you do need to roll it with finger pressure to select each device. Look at the keyboard as you select and the blue led lets you know when it is ready to start typing.

    My added plus was when looking for a keyboard for my W3 ( no longer made by Acer), the original keyboard for it was still $100....The Logitech is $69 and from everything I have read, far more stable then the $100 Acer keyboard.

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    05-14-2016 05:23 AM
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    How can you pair properly the phone with the keyboard. I have a lumia 595 but i didn't reach to connect it properly (led still flashing even when the phone said connected).

    05-31-2016 07:34 AM
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    How can you pair properly the phone with the keyboard. I have a lumia 595 but i didn't reach to connect it properly (led still flashing even when the phone said connected).

    Did you pair correctly the first time? Entering a code given by the phone into the keyboard? If no......on the phone go into bluetooth settings and touch your keyboard in the list and delete it.

    Then do set up again.

    This video show both my Phone and tablet and switching between them.
    05-31-2016 08:38 PM
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    Hi Greywolf,

    Sorry if my question seemed too silly, but how to enter the code into the keyboard? Can you help me providing specific step?

    I have Lumia 535. When I tried to connect the bluetooth, there's a "PIN" appeared in my Lumia screen. The question is, how I input the PIN? Should I just press the number in keyboard and then waiting, or should I press the PIN numbers and press enter?

    Sorry but I was lost in that step and I couldn't connect my device until now.

    I hope you can solve my confusion. Thank you, Greywolf.
    09-23-2016 09:43 AM

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