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    The iPhone came out in 2007 and by 2010 they were coming out with the iPhone 4... It was a success. Not "Perfect" (Nothing Is), but a success. After 3 years. In 2010 MS launched Windows 7 and by 2014 were on to Windows Phone 8.1, but unfortunately not with the same level of success. A couple of years ago there were articles like these

    Windows Phone to overtake the iPhone? It will happen. | Computerworld

    Which today seems EXTREMELY laughable. Android has taken the dominant spot and iOS continues to move forward. Now once again none of these are "PERFECT", but the progress, market share and most of all media presence is there. People care what's going on in those areas, so they investigate, learn ,review and use those products. Even the couple of pro Windows Phone tech people we had out there are slowly starting to disappear and then MS sold off the Lumia brand, Windows 10 continues to get way too much mixed reviews from the remaining fan base and those of us like myself (currently sporting an M8) can't even get the most recent Insider Updates, because the phone isn't supported.

    Dilemma!!! The Alcatel Idol that's supposed to come out for WM10 looks promising and we all are hoping for an AMAZING Surface Phone to come and really make things happen, but as usual with Windows Phone\Mobile... We have to WAIT!!!!! After 6 years of Windows Phone MS still can't seem to get things right. 6 years in the tech industry is like 60 years in the real world and in 6 years Windows Phone has actually taken a step backwards as opposed to forward. MS says they are still all in for mobile, but with no REAL message coming out and what some might say a bit of radio silence...My patience and waiting is simply running thin. I've been using Windows Phone for sometime now and where I hoped it would be vs where it is today after 6 years simply hasn't come to fruition. I don't like being locked into the Apple ecosystem, I'm not a big fan of Google in general(Personal gripes) and there's currently no Windows phone out that I'd want to buy. I'm left in limbo and boy does it suck. When\Will Windows Phone\Mobile ever get to a respectable level. It's awesome to see some new apps getting on board with Windows10 Mobile and the UWP, but I'm skeptical they will still be around next year from an updates perspective if the users aren't there.

    With pretty much half the year already gone I'm looking into plan B. I really want to be here, but with no more waiting and no more compromising. I want to buy my phone and have it just work. Have the apps my family and friends have. Get my moneys worth and most of all not feel abandoned. For now though I wait and hope that something will change in 2016 and hopefully for the better. Where do you stand?

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    Here is a similar thread you may want to read through:
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