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    Just wanted to say that I'm doing my big to support W10M. I've ordered the L950 for my wife and a L650 for the technophobe mother in-law. I've just returned from a android 6 months vacation. I like the W10M, I like where it's going. Now to work on my parents.

    What are you doing d to promote W10M in a good light?

    Please no negative comments as we all know the is is not perfect and the things like apps etc need improved. Tho reading Windows central latest article shows we have the course apps that 91% of US smartphone users use. Food for thought?
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    05-29-2016 10:53 PM
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    I think we all here can agree that we "did our bit". The question is... Did Microsoft do all their bits?
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    05-29-2016 11:02 PM
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    I've also come back from am android break, i have lumia 550 on the way because money is an issue, I have always supported Windows mobile, one of my friends has a windows phone and have had many a conversation with my girlfriend about lol i love Windows ten mobile and I honestly can't wait for my new phone to arrive. However my only Problem was that Microsoft don't seem to be bothered, where are the adverts promoting the phone on TV and radio? Where are the posters and billboards, why are Microsoft apps on Android better than the ones on Windows when it's Microsoft making them! Its like they can't even be bothered for Outlook to be just as good if not better on their own platform than it is on Android. It's like they have given up. They need a kick up the arse!

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    06-22-2016 04:55 PM

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