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  1. Marten Renkema's Avatar
    Hello all,

    I would like to use the Freda app, but unfortunately the app does not start.
    It looks like starting, but after a 10 seconds the phone returns to apps listing page.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks, Marten
    12-14-2016 02:36 PM
  2. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    you could try reinstalling the app and if issue persist do check with the developer through support email reporting the issue and confirm if they support windows 10 mobile.

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    12-15-2016 01:48 AM
  3. Marten Renkema's Avatar
    Thank you for your answer. I did reinstall the app, but the issue indeed persists.

    Will try to contact the developer.

    12-15-2016 03:09 AM
  4. Marten Renkema's Avatar
    Developer contacted.
    12-15-2016 04:28 PM
  5. Jim Chapman's Avatar
    Freda certainly is designed to work with Windows 10 Mobile (indeed, I use the app on my WM10 phone).

    There are various things that could prevent it launching, particularly preventing it launching the first time. These include: phone memory being full, too many other apps running, failure to get licence from the Store, failure to start up the advertising service via the internet. Ideally, the WM10 operating system would handle these cases and report them properly, but in practice it is not very dependable. So, for best results, when starting Freda for the first time:
    1) Power off your phone (to the 'goodbye' message) and switch on again.
    2) Ensure you have a good WiFi connection
    3) Launch the Store app. Search for 'Freda' and check that the store shows the app as 'this product is installed' on its Store page. (if not, wait a while and try again - or look into solutions for the Store app needing to be reset)
    4) Now launch Freda using the 'launch' button on the Store page from step 3.
    If this does not work for you, please email again, and I will see what else we can try.
    12-16-2016 03:44 AM
  6. Marten Renkema's Avatar
    No luck I am afraid. App does not start and returns after 10 seconds trying to the Store page.
    Last edited by Marten Renkema; 12-16-2016 at 06:27 AM.
    12-16-2016 04:43 AM

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