04-05-2017 12:44 AM
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  1. aj173's Avatar
    This has been a problem for me across two different phones, and on a variety of insider and stable release builds.
    And the same bug exists all the way through the pipeline including the stable production release.
    I figured that was pretty clear and unambiguous. I stated several times that these reboots happen on final production builds. In fact, the only reason I started taking insider builds in the first place was because I was hoping that I'd get a fix for the reboot problem sooner. I think that prospective buyers SHOULD know that their phone might reboot when they try to take pictures. That's sort of a big deal. I wouldn't harp on it if my case was an isolated incident, but it's obviously not. Microsoft didn't sell very many of these things, so the fact that you can find hundreds of complaints about this problem on the forums, MS support, and Feedback Hub is enough to convince me that it's a widespread problem.

    I'm sorry if you took offense to being called a smartass, but after I posted several times to clarify exactly what the problem was, my troubleshooting efforts, and the lack of official documentation vs. insider documentation, I assumed that you were just being snarky.
    04-04-2017 10:54 AM
  2. anthonyng's Avatar
    I feel like I can make good use with the OS. It's my main picture taking device.

    OneNote during meetings, great for note taking especially to add pictures of the screen to supplement OneNote, switching to laptop OneNote on the fly for major typing is pretty fluid and seamless.

    I'm interested in what this potential shape shifting device can offer me!
    04-05-2017 12:44 AM
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