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    Dear Community,

    I´m facing a really hard decision. I´m looking for a new phone but can`t decide which one I should buy. So I´m asking the Mobile Nation Community on CrackBerry, Android Central, WindowsMobile and iMore for advice.
    First of all: some background information:
    My name is Chris, I´m living in germany (thats why my english skills are not the best) and i like all tech-related stuff. For years I´ve been using BlackBerry phones, starting with a Curve 8900, Torch 9800, Z10 and a Passport. The Passport is my daily driver since 2015 and I really really love it. I love the big screen, I love the keyboard, I love the BlackBerry Hub and I love the design. I have a bachelor degree in Informatic and I like my Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10. I like my RaspberryPi and having Linux on it. I never have had a Mac or an IPhone or an Android Phone. I'm a 6'6 guy (1,98m) and not afraid of big phones
    For most of the time I'm using my phone for emails, messaging (BBM, Whatsapp, Slack), listening music (spotify, amazon music) and browsing. I use twitter from time to time, but I'm not really into social media. I dont have facebook, I dont have instagram, I have no clue why Snapchat is a hype and I'm not blogging. Also I have used my phones cam just a few times over the last 7 years and no, I'm not gaming.
    My phone just should get every work done - quick, simple, intuitive. And it should just be able to do everything if I need it to do so!
    All in all I´m still happy with my Passport, but lets be honest: OS10 has no future. I'm tired of patching android apps everytime I need one, I'm tired of seeing Whatsapps "your device will not be supported after July 2017"-notification and I think I have to choose another system.

    The IPhone
    Last week my mobile carrier gave me an unlocked Iphone 7 (32GB, black) for free. I havent opened the box, yet. Everything is originally sealed. My whole family is using Iphones. I mean, really, everyone! I´m the only one who is not using an Apple device. They all use facetime and iMessage and this could be my chance to join them. The design of the IPhone is some kind of borring since it hasnt changed for a while now. But there are some features missing, that are important to me:
    Using your phone as a USB-Drive or connecting an usb thumb drive to my phone;
    network integration (my passport acts like a normal pc in a wireless network, so i can copy and paste files from pc with windows explorer).
    maybe thats a stupid feeling, but i think that I´m not an IPhone Guy.

    The Windows Phone
    Since the Lumia 950 I´m very interested in Windows10 Mobile and everything around it. Because I like my Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10 I think it would be nice to have a windows phone. Especially the HP Elite X3 has gotten my attention. But more and more big players like Spotify are cutting theyr support or never had an app for Windows Mobile. I´ve been on this road with BlackBerry the last 4 years and I don`t want to miss things again. My other concerns are, that nobody knows what will happen with Windows Mobile. I have read, that Microsoft is planning support for x86 Apps but that they will need at least the Snapdragon 835 Processor. So if Microsoft cuts windows 10 mobile, the Elite X3 is a very expensive pocket watch and if they are really going on it will not get the newest features :/

    The Android Phone
    I totally dislike Android. For me It`s ugly. Yes, I know, there are skins and launchers and themes and icons, but thats not what i mean. The whole android concept is a mess. There is no consistency, every manufacturer is doing what he thinks is the best - resulting in many different systems and just a few are constantly updated. Security is a mess, phones are getting old really fast and not every android phone has the same set of features.
    But Android may have everything I'm looking for. There is an app for everything. Your looking for a special function? I bet there is an app for it.

    The BlackBerry
    BlackBerrys Keyone is a real beauty. I love the design, i love the keyboard. But I simply dont like android. What kind of compromis would that be: love the hardware, hate the software? Maybe it is the best compromis i could get: hardware keyboard, beautiful design, lots of apps, expandable memory and long lasting battery with an OS-Design I dont like. Next to the keyboard all BlackBerrys have the BlackBerry Apps preinstalled. So I don`t have to pay to get the Hub back. The Keyone is the only reason why I would eventually switch to android.

    Finally I have to decide between 3 devices: IPhone 7, HP Elite X3, BlackBerry Keyone
    I dont want to start a fanboy war, but I would like to hear different opinions. Maybe you guys can tell me everything I don`t know yet about all the platforms and devices. What do you guys like on your chosen OS?
    04-07-2017 03:05 PM
  2. Guytronic's Avatar
    Well if you hate Android then you won't want the TCL Keyone.

    Just go for the HP X3.
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    04-07-2017 03:34 PM
  3. greedo_greedy's Avatar
    Go with a Lumia 950 XL it's the most affordable of all the available Windows Phones. It also has the best camera that easily goes toe-to-toe with the Galaxy S7 camera.

    The HP Elite X3 is nice but the price is difficult to justify.

    If you can somehow import an Alcatel Idol 4S it's the most balanced of the three choices.

    As for the OS, Windows 10 Mobile is an acquired taste, if you're showing some interest in it, chances are you might fall in love with it. It does come with it's quirks.
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    04-08-2017 06:27 AM
  4. TgeekB's Avatar
    Former BlackBerry user here also.
    It sounds like you're down to WM or iPhone. I think WM is a good fit for former BlackBerry people who don't care about apps but want efficiency and getting things done.
    Why not try a used Lumia 950xl? Its a great phone and can run W10. If you don't like it you can resell it.
    Best of luck!

    Sent from mTalk on my SP4
    04-08-2017 06:39 AM

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