05-05-2017 10:11 AM
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  1. Shatznr's Avatar
    I visit the site several times a day and its not for the win mobile news at this point. I have moved mobile platforms myself but I enjoy the overall microsoft related news.
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    04-24-2017 09:55 AM
  2. Mohamed Fadel El Abadila's Avatar
    I only ask because a quick look at the comments statistics on articles reveals that they go through the roof on most Windows Mobile subjects but sometimes barely raise an eyebrow on other more general Microsoft matters. It shouldn't be forgotten that up until a couple of years ago this website was essentially devoted to Windows Phone and only started diversifying when they saw the writing on the wall. I suspect that most readers are still only here because they had a Windows Phone/Mobile phone at one time or another.
    I came for windows phone, i will stay for windows, as long as Daniel Robino is here, he's my favorite editor at WC
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    04-24-2017 09:56 AM
  3. tribexx's Avatar

    I'm confused. Windows Central should continue fine as I see it. It still covers Windows 10, Xbox and PC news. The only thing that I can see it helping with win10mobile users is "converting to" (android/ios) from windows phone for users like me. I went to a Motorola Android phone from a 950XL because it offered the closest experience to windows mobile with it's features.


    I was not prepared for missing:

    Live Tiles
    Ease of setting up Email
    Ease of pinning individual facebook pages to start
    Ease of pinning individual contacts to start (and keeping track of their updates)
    6tag (and it's dark theme)
    Pinning 6tag people and subjects to start
    Ease of pinning web pages to start
    Missing the Carl Zeiss camera
    Ease of adding people and info to contacts
    Quick search button

    Now I have about 20 apps to do the OOTB stuff that was available with M$.
    04-24-2017 09:57 AM
  4. sweatshopking's Avatar
    It is true that not many other places will do the hard hitting pieces like "how to plug your printer in" and that has value. Not to me, but i'm sure to somebody.
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    04-24-2017 10:07 AM
  5. ronhadas's Avatar
    That you would stop saying that...
    Mobile Windows is just transforming....
    Like snakes, like butterflies, transforming to the next generation.
    So stop killing something that isn't dead yet, and our childish hope with it.
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    04-24-2017 10:07 AM
  6. Withheld's Avatar
    Came here and stay here because it's my favorite one-stop-shop for everything Microsoft including mobile.

    For fan sites, it's always preferred that content showcase their beloved brand and personally, I do appreciate objective journalism. The current trend however, seems a bit focused on ruffling feathers with the mobile crowd. It seems every 10 posts or so and would love to know site statistics and it's effect on other articles.
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    04-24-2017 10:09 AM
  7. wyabcp's Avatar
    I came here from crackberry, I will leave here for android central or crackberry, Mobile is king, win10 info isn't worth staying for.
    Geeez I couldn't even leave a comment in the app, let's put this tired old format to bed. Shame on Ms, they don't have the bandwidth to cover, pc, console and Mobile, that much is clear
    04-24-2017 10:11 AM
  8. Azizelh's Avatar
    As someone who just got the Galaxy s8+ (from a lumia 950). I love it. There are some things that I miss from Wm, but to be honest, it's an upgrade in so many ways. Most things that were done with tiles can be done with widgets, and more. And everything just works like it's supposed and fast. I was intentionally handicapping myself with WM for too long.

    However, the first thing I did when I got the phone was install everything Microsoft. Office, cortana , one note , one drive, arrow Launcher, Microsoft to-do, Outlook.

    So I will be coming to know what Microsoft is doing with those services and what else they are bringing. Also, of course, I'll be coming for w10 news, Xbox, office, hololens , cloud, events like Build, etc news.
    04-24-2017 10:18 AM
  9. cybersaurusrex's Avatar
    People are passionate about their phones because it's a very personal device. It's hard to get excited about Azure.

    The reality is that Microsoft is becoming more and more like IBM--a profitable company that consumers don't care about. The Microsoft many of us loved is dying.
    04-24-2017 10:19 AM
  10. Shuaibu Ahmed's Avatar
    Windows Central should live on as it is, windows phone only died because MS was not serious about the phone business anyway, unlike the desktop and laptop arena MS never really paid attention to windows phone in anyway with the late updates, high license fee for windows phone OS and not paying attention to OEM and app developers.

    Windows Phone is a great OS it had the stability of iOS and little customization of Android but MS didn't really focus on Windows Phone only when it was too late.
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    04-24-2017 10:19 AM
  11. Shawn Garvey1's Avatar
    I've been lurking about here for months now and feel like I can finally chime in with a little Windows experience under my belt. After my last Windows experience with Windows 7, then years of being a Mac/iPhone/iPad user that then went to Android/Nexus/Chromebook and never thought I'd leave, I type this on my Surface Book with a 950 XL beside me. Windows has evolved into a really wonderful OS to use. Whether the OS on my Book or on the Lumia, I enjoy what Microsoft is doing and will continue to visit this site regardless of the future of their mobile plans. I'm probably getting my young boys an XBox for Christmas this year, so I'll be neck deep in those forums soon!

    For what its worth, I can't for the life of me fathom Microsoft giving up on Mobile as a platform...it is simply too ingrained in the daily lives of people now. To totally drop it from the company's roadmap would be insane. Whether it is a new iteration of Windows, universal apps, new hardware or some combination of all of these, there simply has to be a future for Microsoft in this arena...don't you think? I'm putting faith in the minds of those who love to create new gadgets and the software that runs them to take their time and introduce something that will carry Microsoft into its own version of Mobile into the future. I know I'll be reading about that right here, so I'm staying. And while I wait, I'm SUPER happy with my Surface Book and my 950 XL. :-)
    04-24-2017 10:20 AM
  12. wipeout2185's Avatar
    I used to religiously go to Pocket Now for my WP news but since their last major website update last year they demoted WP to the others category and become a 2 OS site. I moved to Windows Central for my Windows Phone updates but I do enjoy reading all things Windows, Xbox, Services, Build etc so I do think the site has a place post Windows Mobile or what ever Microsoft evolves it into, Windows on ARM maybe? :)
    04-24-2017 10:25 AM
  13. NiteCourt's Avatar
    I visited for the phone news. Then I visited for the forums. Then the forum layout changed. Now I don't visit much directly but scroll the Twitter or FB feed.
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    04-24-2017 10:27 AM
  14. princeegli's Avatar
    If windows phone tanks,I'll still watch windows central....still look forward to desktop/laptop and xbox stuff....plus I love watching the podcast with Daniel and Zac ....I still enjoy my 1520....and even if I get an Apple...I'll still have windows mobile
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    04-24-2017 10:36 AM
  15. CronGM's Avatar
    I discovered Windows Central when Windows Phone 7 came out, and it quickly became my go-to source for all Windows Phone news. Lately, as a result of a dearth for exciting news on the Mobile end, and looking into jumping ship with the Galaxy S8, I haven't been as active (or passionate about WP/W10M) as I was before. Nevertheless, I keep coming back to Windows Central for info and tips on Windows 10 (still my preferred PC OS). As for my gaming fix, I get it from other sites and Twitter (I'm a PlayStation guy, sorry Microsoft).

    If I change my main phone in the coming months I guess I'll be a regular on sister-site Android Central, but I know I'll keep coming back to see what's new on the Windows front.
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    04-24-2017 10:36 AM
  16. Geoffrey Turks's Avatar
    I go to Windows Central for Windows 10 and Xbox news and info. Microsoft may have lost the mobile phone war, but they're winning the tablet and 2 in 1 war. Xbox is also very successful, second only to Sony. Sony has to be aggressively successful. PlayStation is there only profitable business left. Microsoft has Office, Xbox, cloud services, Minecraft(still wildly successful), LinkedIn(half a billion users and growing),and enterprise services. Long story short, Windows Central isn't going anywhere.
    04-24-2017 10:41 AM
  17. Jackie Earley's Avatar
    Came here for Windows Phone 8 news and completely fine with them covering more Microsoft topics as I own a couple Xbox Ones and a couple Surface Pros. I'll be here if smartphones running Windows officially dies. I like reading the other ecosystem news. I do not, like Android this or iOS that. I understand that since Microsoft sells the Galaxy S8, its going to be talked about, but this is Windows Central and that phone runs Android. I'm going to be using my Lumia 950 until it breaks or until Microsoft officially pulls the plug. I'll stick around as long as this website stays Windows focused. Once it gets too far gone, then I'm out. While Mobile may be the reason why the majority of us are here, things come and go, but we do have other devices we all love to hear about and use such as Surface.
    04-24-2017 10:43 AM
  18. Gregory Newman's Avatar
    I do not think Windows smart phones are dead because Microsoft still PAYS PEOPLE to make updates for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows and Windows 10 mobile insider Builds. Terry Myerson a BIG Microsoft VP says Microsoft will not give up Windows smart phones now because to star from scratch would be too costly. Right now a lot of people including me want Microsoft to make at least "One" good flagship windows 10'mobile smart phone to replace the 950 or 950 XL. for now it appears that Microsoft is just making software for Windows 10 mobile smart phones and letting it's OEM partners make the Physical Windows 10 Mobile smart phones like back in the days of Windows phone 7 & 8
    I think that Microsoft should make it's own model of Windows 10 mobile smart phone for the following reasons. 1= Microsoft shows it supports it's own product. 2=Microsoft show the best way to use Windows 10 Mobile software. 3= there are people and businesses who use Windows smart phones who want updated models of them and are willing to pay for them
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    04-24-2017 10:44 AM
  19. James Hauser's Avatar
    I use iPhone because my family and coworkers all use iPhone. iMessage and Facetime are simply more convenient than Skype (and they work better).

    But I will ALWAYS use my desktop computer far more than my phone, and it will ALWAYS be Windows. I have tried, many times, to use MacOS. And I am sorry, but it sucks. Bad. How anyone uses a Mac (outside of Bootcamp) is beyond me.
    04-24-2017 10:44 AM
  20. tofferne's Avatar
    What is the problem, I'm very sure Windows 10 for phones will survive, just wait for a much better future, something is going on.
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    04-24-2017 10:44 AM
  21. wkgray's Avatar
    I came here when I switched from android to my Lumia Icon running Win 8. Have switched my daily user to iPhone 6s only because of the lack of new Windows Phone with VZW. Still use my Icon for somethings and come to site daily to stay updated on all things Windows. Holding out hope that MS will eventually bring us a new flagship phone that VZW will carry. BTW running latest update through insider preview on icon and it works flawlessly. Big disappointment that I won't receive any further updates.
    04-24-2017 10:45 AM
  22. Richard Ludwig's Avatar
    I started coming to Windows Central for general Windows news. I bought my first Windows Mobile phone last week (Lumia 640 xl) and have been playing around with it.

    Would I still come to Windows Central? Of course!
    04-24-2017 10:47 AM
  23. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    I'm a BlackBerry refugee currently using an iPhone SE. I follow WC because I'm primarily interested in Windows Mobile, but my interest in Windows 10 for desktops/laptops/tablets has been increasing over the past few weeks.

    I'm not interested in Xbox at all and only play a handful of PC games regularly (World of Tanks, StarCraft, Final Fantasy VII, Skyrim), so I don't really care about the Xbox coverage, but I don't mind it.

    At work I've been trying out Windows 10 on a desktop with a 3-monitor setup. Before that I was using a MacBook Pro (running macOS) with 2 monitors. I wanted to see how the workflows on each setup compare. So far I'm really enjoying Windows 10. And I don't even have the CU because I'm on Win10 Enterprise and it hasn't been rolled out yet. I appreciate the inherent strengths and acknowledge the weaknesses of each platform and I wish I could use them both simultaneously!

    I really hope that Microsoft can find a way to bridge the convergence gap that still exists. All I have wanted for years is a single smartphone-sized device that I can dock with tablet, laptop, or desktop hardware and drive a full-featured, powerful experience with each form factor.

    I see things like Continuum and Windows on ARM and it makes me really hopeful that dream will someday become reality.

    But I also know personal computing is constantly changing and evolving and anything can happen. I will be extremely disappointed if I never see an "Ultramobile Pocket PC" running Windows on ARM that also happens to have phone and SMS capabilities.

    Whatever happens to Windows Mobile, I think there's plenty of Microsoft-related things for Windows Central to that interests me, so I'll continue to follow it!
    04-24-2017 10:54 AM
  24. anon(9439980)'s Avatar
    There is lots of things going on with and coming out of Microsoft that I think Windows Central will still be here for quite awhile if Windows phone/ Windows 10 Mobile dies. I like reading the articles on Windows phone, but I don't come for anything specific. I like it all :)
    04-24-2017 10:54 AM
  25. garak0410's Avatar
    When I was a daily Windows Phone user, "Windows Phone" news was my favorite Microsoft news...Windows Central, Thurrott, Windows Weekly...it was my absolute favorite news because I totally loved the phone. Windows Phone was an absolute JOY to use. I used the 928 and Lumia ICON and the ICON was my favorite. The camera rocked.

    About the fall of 2015, when it was finally confirmed that Verizon would not get the 950XL and all Verizon would have left would be the underwhelming Lumia 735, I had to move on from Windows Phone. It was an agonizing few months going from Windows Phone to Android. It wasn't that I hated Android but I loved Windows Phone so much more. Swapped between my ICON and Note 5 over and over before finally settling with Android.

    Today, I used a Pixel XL with Arrow Launcher, Bing as default search engine and Cortana as default "assistant." It is the best "Windows Phone" I can use as of now.
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    04-24-2017 10:54 AM
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