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    Hello all,

    I made the journey from BB10 to Windows in 2014. My Z10's battery life had become unusable and I debated between replacing it with a Z30 or the Lumia Icon. I just loved everything about the Icon and had always been curious about giving Windows a try, so the Icon won out. On top of that, I was also concerned about the future support for BB10 which also played a part in my decision to switch.

    After some initial growing pains, I fell in love with Windows 8 and 8.1. My Icon quickly became my favorite phone ever owned and I went all in with Microsoft, buying a Band 2 and replacing my Android tablet with a Windows tablet. Then Windows 10 rolled out, killed the battery life and fluidity on my Icon, and I ultimately jumped back to BB (sort of) with the Priv.

    Have owned the Priv now for a year and a half and the access to all the apps on Android has been great. My wife recently broke her phone, so while waiting for a replacement, we swapped and she's using my Priv while I fired up my Icon again. Have been using the Icon for the past week....yes, I miss some of the apps I had on the Priv, but I'd forgotten how much of a joy the Windows Mobile UI is to use. I've kept my Icon updated to track the progress of Windows 10, but this is my first time using my Icon as a daily driver in well over a year. The things that scared me off initially...bad battery life, glitches, reboots, etc, all no longer seem to be present. On the other hand, my Priv would reboot DAILY, sometimes multiple times a day. While the Priv is a great device, it's well known that it gets hot and sluggish when doing certain task. So now its got me wondering, do I go back to my Priv in a couple of days or stay with my Icon? Never thought this would be even a thought, I have the same concerns today about the future of Windows Mobile as is I had about BB10, but for the moment my Icon and Windows 10 have won over my heart again.

    Thanks for reading my rambling ☺
    05-31-2017 05:06 AM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    The rebooting Priv is not normal by the way and I would not tolerate it if it happened on mine.

    Anyways, I have "gone back" and the heat is better than say, my 920, (but this is also a relatively recent unit) and I've made Android work for me.

    For you? I would ask if the Icon meets your needs. No harm in trying it for a week eh?
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    05-31-2017 10:01 AM

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