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    From my blog. These are all good games obvious IMO, comment if you have an opinion or think there are some I missed out!

    Top 15: Windows 10 Mobile Games – Tap That Blog | Cheap Tablets NZ | Android Tablets NZ
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    06-26-2017 12:01 AM
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    Interesting actually that most of these are UWP. There's a few good Silverlight only games, but you can see things changing there.
    06-26-2017 07:51 AM
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    Is there a 2018 version of this list?
    04-03-2018 01:37 AM
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    I don't know if there's much new to be honest. There's some new gameloft games, all free to play (ontop of all the existing ones, dungeon hunter, asphalt airbone, there's been a few new ones released). Some are reasonably good but those free to play games have never been my style because they revolve around microtransations.

    There's a few little indie ones I missed out, like machinarium, and there's more than one go game (lara croft, hitman). Final fantasy 3 is on windows phone, but it's a little pricey for a port. What else is there that's good? Hmm, prune is good. There's the riptide games. Badlands.

    Things have definately slowed down a lot in windows mobile gaming. There might be some good indie ones I've missed, but so far as I know, the only new ones are the few gameloft titles. Things like march of empires, gods of rome, zombie anarchy, age of sparta, street storm racing, asphalt extreme are a bit newer than this list.

    Most of them are 2017 though not 2018.

    Windows tablet even touch only, is much healthier. If only because some titles are PC games that end up getting ported to the ipad (like icewind dale enhanced)

    But yeah, I probably wouldn't change much about this list. I might drop a few, and add a few that existed back then from my play experience. Forza motorsport has this constantly advertising notification that killed it for me, despite being a good game. Abyss is kinda mega hard, although some make like it. Leo's fortune is loads of fun as a time waster, and the three go games are solid AF.

    I haven't played FF3 on mobile, but that seems like it has potential if you don't mind retro anime. There's a few other polished newer games - code of war, Olympus rising - but again these are sort of free to play, mega mainstream, online play type of games that aren't really my thing.

    Some of the newer gamelofts have been PC only, and there's a few other new PC only windows store games. So I think mostly developers are moving on, now that Microsoft has called it, on windows mobile.

    When the probably and fabled andromeda comes out, that should be able to play all of those, and right now PC is a bigger platform so I can understand where the devs are coming from.
    Actually even though it's older I'd props modern combat 4. It's pay to play, not free to play, and although it's slightly older graphics that makes it much more playable in my mind.

    Wish there was a decent pay to play arpg, or pay to play racing game, but there kind of isn't. Maybe you could count the hydro games but that's a bit different.

    Only gameloft game I'm interested in that's new is iron blade. Badlands sort of deserves to be on that list because it's hard. It's a kinda flappy birds style of game, but nicer graphics. I still think lara croft is the best runner there is.

    Well unless you include side scrolling runners, in which case mirrors edge, but you can't get that because it's windows phone 7 unless you use some PC wizardry with the SDK (it's possible I used to have it, but it's a massive PITA when there is really very little great windows 7 games - maybe about four that are really great, and IDK if its worth the bother of finding the installers, and setting up the SDK and all that)
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    05-29-2018 11:07 AM
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    Thanks for the list. Iron Blade is also so far my favorite from Gameloft. Also found Arcane Quest 3 to be somewhat fun. 2048 Plus is fun but old of course. Do you know any okay rts games for wp10? Preferably with some base building?
    10-07-2018 10:46 AM

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