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    This is directed at anyone who uses "Alfred" to see if any of you have figured a workaround to be able to use a windows phone as a viewer to see your cam feeds.

    Since Alfred has not yet made a windows phone version of their app, you have to use either an android or iPhone as a viewer, or you can use a windows computer as Alfred does have a web viewer page where you can view your cam feeds on a Windows computer but it only works thru a Firefox or Chrome browser. (of course it seems neither Firefox or Chrome can be put on a windows phone)

    I found what turned out to be a third party app that claims to be a windows viewer app for Alfred, but Alfred said they had nothing to do with it and could not guarantee if it was safe.

    I have not tried it as I am wary without knowing if it is safe to try, (or if it can even be put on a widows phone) is anyone familiar with the web site at the link below and the apps they make available as to if it is a trustworthy site ?

    App Home Security Camera - Alfred APK for Windows Phone | Android games and apps

    Since I use a windows phone as my "carry around" phone I make calls from the only (somewhat) of a workaround to be able to view my cam feeds when away from home and other*WIFI and using data is to use my windows phone data connection as a portable WIFI and carry an android phone to use as a windows viewer. (since the android phone doesn't have a sim or phone connection and just connects thru WIFI only).

    Thanks !
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